Policies and Procedures

Document Type
Policy and Assurance for Humane Care and Use of Animals at SJSU S14-6
Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct F12-5
Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects F17-1
Reporting of Organized Research and Training Units S05-13
Conflict of Interests Policy for Principal Investigators S99-11
Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility S99-9
Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility S99-8
Intellectual/Creative Property F98-3
Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials; Intellectual Property S96-11
Prohibition of Classified Research; Academic Freedom F69-12
F&A Reinvestment Program [pdf] PDF
Centers and Institutes: Guidelines Replacing Executive Order 751 [pdf] AA-2014-18 (PDF)
Risk Management Procedures  
Environmental Health and Safety Procedures  
Advisor-Student Relationship, Sponsored Projects, and Proprietary and Confidential Information in RSCA S18-5