Campus Centers and Institutes

Annual Financial Summary Template

Five-Year Budget Template

Seven-Year Financial Summary Template

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Abbreviated Protocol for Invertebrate Species or Fertile Eggs [doc]

Abbreviated Protocol for Observational Studies [doc]

Abbreviated Protocol for Use of Non-living Tissues [doc]

Guidelines for Conducting and Summarizing a Literature Search [pdf]

Project Categorization of Pain and Distress in Laboratory Animals [pdf]

Protocol Amendment Form – Add Personnel [docx]

Protocol Application for Animal Care and Use [docx]
Note: this form must be used for both new submissions and renewals.

Request to Accept Alternate IACUC Approval [doc]

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Please visit the IRB's Forms and Documents webpage for a complete list of current forms and templates.


Budget Reallocation or Extension Request for RSCA Award [DocuSign] 

Principal Investigator (PI) / co-PI Status Request [DocuSign] (if you have an SJSU email address)

Principal Investigator (PI) / co-PI Status Request [DocuSign] (if you do NOT have an SJSU email address)

RSCA Assigned Time Award Conversion Request [DocuSign]