Get Involved In RSCA

Get the most out of your degree through Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA). Here are three ways to get started:

1. Connect with a Faculty Mentor

Try not to be intimidated; faculty are here to help. Here's how to connect:

  • Identify Your Interests
    Think about what interests you - something you're already familiar with or a discovery from the media or news. Also, be open minded about any projects that come your way.
  • Find A Possibility
    Explore college and department websites to find faculty members whose research aligns with your interests.
  • Reach Out
    Send a nice email, approach a faculty member after class, or go to office hours. You can also meet faculty at campus RSCA events.
    • Tip: Express your interests, goals, and why you want to work with them. Tell your story! Most faculty members at SJSU love working with students and are open to discussions about RSCA projects.
  • Don't Give Up! Ask for Recommendations.
    If a faculty member is unavailable, don't be discouraged! Ask if they can recommend someone else. Keep trying! You may have to reach out to several faculty members before you find a good fit. 

2. Get Involved in RSCA Programs

SJSU offers many resources and programs designed to engage students in RSCA, including:

Some opportunities require a faculty mentor, so be sure to reach out.

3. Explore Outside of SJSU

This can be a great way to further your research interests and find funding:

  • Check online for community and national fellowships and opportunities
  • Get involved in groups and clubs that match your interests