Undergraduate Research Grant Program Presenters

Kareem Aboulhosn

Advisor: Dr. Laura Miller Conrad
Proposal: Uncovering the molecular target of an antipyocyanin compound using a photoaffinity labeling approach [pdf]

Tania Mancilla Aceves

Advisor: Dr. Bree Grillo-Hill
Proposal: Probing autophagy in tumor models in Drosophila [pdf]

Matthew Aguilar

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo
Proposal: Production of Drug Loaded Nanoparticles through Multi-Inlet Vortex Mixer

David Alcazar

Advisor: Dr. Dahyun Oh
Proposal: Artificial SEI formation via LiF Coating on TiO2-B Nanowires in LIB [pdf]

Gustavo Aldama

Advisor: Dr. Jensen Areum
Proposal: Vascular response to exercise in adults with cerebral palsy [pdf]

Zaida Aleman

Advisor: Dr. A.J. Faas
Proposal: Women's Roles in the Wake of Disaster [pdf]

Daniel Alnasir

Advisor: Dr. Melinda Simon
Proposal: SLATE bioprinter [pdf]

Chiela Badua

Advisor: Dr. Chang Seung Ho
Proposal: Promoting Motor Skills and Self-Regulation for low-income and ethnic minority children

Amy Bang

Advisor: Dr. Chang Seung Ho
Proposal: The Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions for Low-income and Ethnic Minority Children

Yousef Barati

Advisor: Dr. Sang-Joon (John) Lee
Proposal: Morphological Stability in a Ceramic-Polymer Composite Electrolyte

Austin Betancourt

Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Carter
Proposal: Population Genetics, Ecology And Reproductive Biology Of A Rare Redwood Forest Specialist: Dudley's Lousewort [pdf]

Cassandra Boyd

Advisor: Dr. Jamie Kubota
Proposal: Development of WHISK (Wellness & Health, Inspired Student Kitchens) [pdf]

Sonja Boytcheva

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Austin
Proposal: SharedWealth: Winner-Takes-Some Cryptocurrency Mining Protocol [pdf]

Nicole Brown

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Leineweber
Proposal: Infant Hand Prosthetic using Silicone Molding and 3D-printed soft-shell [pdf]

Gwenlyn Angel Cabiltes

Advisor: Dr. Dahyun Oh
Proposal: The Use of Si-C Nanoparticles as Anode Material for Li-ion Batteries [pdf]

Andrea Kay Cajucom

Advisor: Dr. Aaron Romanowsky
Proposal: Optical Image Analysis of Gas-Rich Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies [pdf]

Rose Carion

Advisor: Dr. Gilles Muller
Proposal: Enantiomeric recognition of biological substrates [pdf]

Ashley Castle

Advisor: Dr. Jensen Areum
Proposal: Impaired autonomic nervous system activity in children with Autism [pdf]

Harshika Chadha

Advisor: Dr. Tanvi Kothari
Proposal: Are we 'Leaning In' Enough?: A Study of Women Leaders in Technology [pdf]

Harry Chang

Advisor: Dr. David Yan
Proposal: Surface Microstructural Evolution in Machining Zr-based Metallic Glass

William Chau

Advisor: Dr. Roy Okuda
Proposal: Investigations of Bioactive Natural Products from Grindelia camporum [pdf]

Tiffany Chau

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Madura
Proposal: 3D Design Applications in Virtual Reality

Jordan Conragan

Advisor: Dr. Katarzyna Tarnowska
Proposal: Development of a Knowledge Base for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Smruthi Danda

Advisor: Dr. Mahima Agumbe Suresh
Proposal: SaFeR - A Safety Framework for e-Scooter Riders [pdf]

Jacob Day

Advisor: Dr. Aaron Romanowsky
Proposal: Compact Stellar Systems around a Dwarf Spiral Galaxy

Natalee Devine

Advisor: Dr. Dina Izenstark
Proposal: How and Why Setting Matters During Difficult Parent-Child Conversations [pdf]

Brett Dispoto

Advisor: Dr. Katarzyna Tarnowska
Evaluating the Usability of a Clinical Decision Support System for Tinnitus
User Interface for Clinical Decision Support System in Treating Tinnitus

Kaitlyn Do

Advisor: Dr. Jihyun Lee
Proposal: Motivation and Peer Support in A Physical Activity Program for Older Adults with Disabilities: Exploring Experiences of Peer Mentors [pdf]

Jessica Doan

Advisor: Dr. Lionel Cheruzel
Proposal: Light-driven whole cell biocatalysis

Arielle Dorch

Advisor: Dr. Marcelle Dougan
Proposal: Social Determinants of Mental Health in California, by Life Stage [pdf]

Jordan Dye

Advisor: Dr. Rosenfeld Liat
Proposal: Stability of drops in constricted microchannels

Elena Fader

Advisor: Dr. Ehsan Khatami
Proposal: Holes in a Magnetic Background [pdf]

Jessica Lourdes Felix

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Leineweber
Proposal: Automation of a desktop tensile testing system for engineering education

Christine Fleming

Advisor: Dr. Dougan Marcelle
Proposal: Predictors of Anxiety in an Ethnically Diverse Urban University Population [pdf]

Abril Perez-Gonzaga

Advisor: Dr. A.J. Faas
Proposal: Church Administration of Cooperative Labor in the Ecuadorian Highlands [pdf]

Alexander Gooyandeh

Advisor: Dr. Dahyun Oh
Proposal: Developing artificial SEI layers using microbes for aqueous LIB [pdf]

Nicole Henry

Advisor: Dr. Seung Ho Chang
Proposal: The Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions for Low-income and Ethnic Minority Children

Yvonne Hoang

Advisor: Dr. Suneuy Kim
Proposal: Developing Macro-benchmarks for GeoYCSB [pdf]

Thomas Hollibaugh

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Smallwood
Proposal: Rapid Acquisition and Processing of Optical Interferometer Data

Johnson Huynh

Advisor: Dr. Ningkun Wang
Proposal: Dissecting the Enzyme Mechanism of SIRT1's Allosteric Regulation [pdf]

Michael Huynh

Advisor: Dr. Lionel Cheruzel
Proposal: Sequencing analysis of directly evolved P450 mutants

Zunaira Iftikhar

Advisor: Dr. Shelley Cargill
Proposal: Ovarian Follicle Stage Distribution in C57 Mice Fed a 5-week High Fat Diet [pdf]

Calvin James

Advisor: Dr. Gilles Muller
Proposal: Development of a Tb(III)-Based Probe for Biological Materials

Audrey Jebasingam

Advisor: Dr. Patrick Jurney
Proposal: Modular Shear Stress Platform for Endothelial Cells and Platelets [pdf]

Parnit Jhutty

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Johnston
Proposal: Production of Integrase Deficient Lentivirus for Gene Editing Purposes [pdf]

Luyao Ji

Advisor: Dr. Yinghua Huang
Proposal: An ICT-based approach for studying trade show attendees' behaviors

Jiahao Jiang

Advisor: Dr. Christopher Smallwood
Proposal: Real-Time Path Length Fluctuations of an Optical Interferometer

Snizhana Khomych

Advisor: Dr. Bree Grillo-Hill
Proposal: The effects of increased intracellular pH on autophagy in mammalian cells [pdf]

Liz Kidd

Advisor: Dr. Nidhi Mahendra
Proposal: Lexical-semantic impairments in Alzheimer's disease and aphasia

Zayln Kieu

Advisor: Dr. Susan Ross
Proposal: Transformative and Mystical Aspects of Close Encounters with Whales [pdf]

Allen Kim 

Advisor: Dr. Roy Okuda
Proposal: Investigations of Bioactive Natural Products from Emmenanthe penduliflor [pdf]

Gurpreet Klar

Advisor: Dr. Rosenfeld Liat
Proposal: Analyzing droplet flow in micro channel using micro PIV

Nikola Klier 

Advisor: Dr. Katherine Wilkinson
Proposal: Effects of Piezo2 GoF Mutations on Proprioception in Mice [pdf]

Andy Kwong 

Advisor: Dr. Ningkun Wang
Proposal: Exploring Motif A's Effect on the Enzymatic Activity of SIRT1 [pdf]

Matthew Lee

Advisor: Dr. Seung Ho Chang
Proposal: Promoting Motor Skills and Self-Regulation for low-income and ethnic minority children

Karen Lim

Advisor: Dr. Jihyun Lee
Proposal: Preservice Physical Education Teachers' Attitudes and Beliefs Towards Postsecondary Students with Disabilities [pdf]

Fiara Llaguno

Advisor: Dr. Frank Huynh
Proposal: The role of SIRT4 in coordinating nutrient status and hormone production

Kenneth Lum

Advisor: Dr. Frank Huynh
Proposal: Sirt4 protein quantification in cancer vs. non-cancerous cell lines

Kiana Luongo

Advisor: Dr. Fabrizio Vergine
Proposal: Design of the Straightening Section of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel [pdf]

Tommy Luong 

Advisor: Dr. Bree Grillo-Hill
Proposal: Probing Wnt and JNK signaling pathways in metastatic cancer cells [pdf]

Shing Cho Ma 

Advisor: Dr. Gilles Muller
Proposal: Probing the chiral discrimination of L-malate derivatives by lanthanides [pdf]

Armando Martinez

Advisor: Dr. Bree Grillo-Hill
Proposal: Probing the Cellular Mechanism of Tumorigenic β-Catenin Mutations [pdf]

Syed Muhammed Shaheer Masud

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Holian
Proposal: Replication using the American Community Survey

Manae Matsubara

Advisor: Dr. Rachael French
Proposal: Molecular mechanisms of ethanol-induced feeding dysfunction [pdf]

Karina Nava-Melchor

Advisor: Dr. Shelley Cargill
Proposal: Ovarian Follicle Stage Distribution in Mice Fed High Fat Diet for 15-weeks

Belule Michael

Advisor: Dr. Gilles Muller
Proposal: Eu and Tb(III) Compounds as Efficient Probes of Urea Hydrogen Peroxide

Andrea Molina

Advisor: Dr. Emily Slusser
Proposal: The Role of Executive Functioning in Children's Understanding of Number

Fatin Mustafa

Advisor: Dr. Frank Huynh
Proposal: The role of sirtuin 4 in mammary and ovarian development

Albert Nguyen

Advisor: Dr. Frank Huynh
Proposal: The role of sirtuin 4 in modulating metabolism in mammary epithelial cells [pdf]

Tina Nguyen 

Advisor: Dr. Ningkun Wang
Proposal: Identifying an Allosteric Switch Region within SIRT1 [pdf]

John Nguyen

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Leineweber
Proposal: Knee Flexion Angle Sensor and Biofeedback Unit [pdf]

Bryant Nguyen

Advisor: Dr. Anand Ramasubramanian
Proposal: Identification of Antibiotic Resistance Genes through Functional Metagenomics

Alyssa Occiano 

Advisor: Dr. Katherine Wilkinson
Proposal: Effect of vesicular glutamate deficiency on stretch sensitivity in mice [pdf]

Monica Orosa

Advisor: Dr. Jensen Areum
Proposal: Alterations in musculoskeletal function in children with Autism [pdf]

Steven Ramos

Advisor: Dr. Sumita Raghuram
Proposal: Commuting to work: boon or a bane? [pdf]

Evelia Rodriguez

Advisor: Dr. Faustina DuCros
Proposal: Louisiana Migrants in California Life History Project [pdf]

Rae-Ann Santos

Advisor: Dr. Miranda Worthen
Proposal: Digital Storytelling for Student Success [pdf]

Arshia Hamzehpour Savojbalaghi

Advisor: Dr. Frank Huynh
Proposal: Sirt4 expression in cell lines in response to various nutrients [pdf]

Jason Silberman

Advisor: Dr. David Yan
Proposal: Cutting Force & Temperature in Machining Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass

Tracey Simmons

Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Carter
Proposal: Population Genetics, Ecology And Reproductive Biology Of A Rare Redwood Forest Specialist: Dudley's Lousewort

Priyanka Sreeram

Advisor: Dr. Melinda Simon
Proposal: Droplet formation using Step Emulsification [pdf]

Brenna Stanton

Advisor: Dr. Vicky Gomez
Proposal: Assessing Quality of Life for Chronic Migraine Patients

Phuoc Tran 

Advisor: Dr. Gilles Muller
Proposal: Importance of Solvent on the Recognition of a Mixture of L- and D- serine [pdf]

Hsin-Yi (Cindy) Tseng

Advisor: Dr. Adrianne Widaman
Proposal: Evaluating the relationship between a 6-week bulk home cooking intervention and dietary intake [pdf]

Austin Tse

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Holian
Proposal: Average Earnings by College Major: Evidence from the ACS [pdf]

Jocelyn Valenzuela

Advisor: Dr. Katy Kao
Proposal: Engineering TiO2 binding E. coli for lithium ion battery production

Sai Kiran Byri Venkata

Advisor: Dr. Katherine Wilkinson
Proposal: Effect of Temperature on Muscle Spindle Afferents [pdf]

Danny Ventura

Advisor: Dr. David Yan
Proposal: Effect of Temperature on Microstructural Evolution in Machining Zr-BMGs

Cassie Nina Villafuerte

Advisor: Dr. Gilles Muller
Proposal: Investigation of the choice of emissive lanthanides in making bioprobes [pdf]

Monica Villaseñor

Advisor: Dr. Jessica Castillo Vardaro
Proposal: Genetic Mark-Recapture of Tree Squirrels (Sciurus sp.) in San Jose, CA

Tyler De Vincenzi

Advisor: Dr. Madalyn Radlauer
Proposal: Synthesizing catalyst-polymer hybrids to enhance catalytic activity [pdf]

Harnoor Virk

Advisor: Dr. Bree Grillo-Hill
Proposal: Roles for pHi dynamics in cell cycle regulation [pdf]

Julia Vu

Advisor: Dr. Lionel Cheruzel
Proposal: Directed Evolution of Light-driven P450 Enzymes

Noah Niklas Wind

Advisor: Dr. David Wagner
Proposal: Thermal Decomposition Behavior of Plastics [pdf]

Jason Wong

Advisor: Dr. Sang-Joon (John) Lee
Proposal: Role of Surface Charge on Capacitance of Red Blood Cell Suspensions

Lea Woodley

Advisor: Dr. Patrick Cravalho
Proposal: Processing Numerical Set Transformations: Relationships with Children's Age & Knowledge Base

Ben Wu 

Advisor: Dr. Roy Okuda
Proposal: Bioactive Natural Products from Two California Native Plants [pdf]

Feyza Yazar 

Advisor: Dr. Patrick Jurney
Proposal: Microfluidic Hemostasis Assay [pdf]

Jackson Yip

Advisor: Dr. Minghui Diao
Proposal: Cloud Characteristics at McMurdo Station in Antarctica in AWARE campaign [pdf]