Graduation Ceremony Task Force Membership

  • Rachel Greathouse—President of Associated Students
  • 1 member of the AS Board of Directors—Still waiting for AS to fill this slot
  • 2 students nominated by the VP for Student Affairs to AS for approval— Georgina Hernandez and Chris Votaw
  • 1 SJSU alumnus, selected by the Alumni Association Board of Directors—Deanna Gonzales
  • Executive Assistant to the President— Irene Miura
  • VP for Student Affairs or designee—Wiggsy Sivertsen
  • 1 Dean—Al Agresti, Dean College of SOCS
  • 3 faculty (at least 1 of whom shall be a department chair) from different colleges, selected by the Executive Committee
    Greg Payne
    Stephen Kwan
    Stan Underdal
  • 1 Staff Member—Mireya Salinas from the President's office