Current University Policies Listed Chronologically by Policy Number


Policy No Subject Supersedes or Amends
S22-6 [pdf] Adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses; the “W” symbol; and refunds related to withdrawals

Rescinds University Policies S05-12 [pdf], and F04-2, [pdf] Amends University Policy F15-3 [pdf]

S22-5 [pdf]

Adoption of Guidelines for General Education (GE), American Institutions (AI), and the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)


GE Guidelines 2022 to be loaded on the UG Education website and linked here in the near future. [pdf]

Rescinds 2014 GE Guidelines [pdf]

Rescinds S14-5 [pdf]

S22-4 [pdf] Emergency Short Term Loans for Students Rescinds S72-22 [pdf]
S22-3 [pdf] Accessibility in Curricular Materials Rescinds S08-3 [pdf]
S22-2 [pdf] Student Excused Absences  
S22-1 [pdf] Establishment, Reporting, Continuation and Termination of Campus Centers and Institutes (CCI), Formerly Known as Organized Research and Training Units Rescinds S05-13 [pdf]
S21-3 [pdf] Rescinds University Policy S68-18, Special Major Rescinds S68-18 [pdf]
S21-2 [pdf] Appointment, Evaluation and Range Elevation for Lecturer Faculty Rescinds S10-7 [pdf]
F20-2 [pdf] Grading Changes During COVID-19 Amendment A to F20-2 [pdf]
F20-1 [pdf] Adding Classes After Advance Registration

Amendment A to F20-1 [pdf]

Rescinds S93-7

S20-9 [pdf] Instructor Drop Policy  
S20-8 [pdf] Rescinding Policies related to Senate
Rescinds F05-1 [pdf], S06-2 [pdf], F06-6 [pdf], S07-5 [pdf],
F07-1 [pdf], S08-5 [pdf], and F08-3 [pdf]
S20-7 [pdf] Temporary Modification to University Policies F18-5, Grading Policy, and S16-16, Probation and Disqualification due to Special Circumstances of COVID-19 Temporarily Amends F18-5 and S16-16
S20-6 [pdf]

Rescinds University Policies F70-12, F70-13, and S73-21

Registration Privileges and Procedures, Registration Privileges for EOP Students, Registration

Rescinds F70-12 [pdf], F70-13 [pdf], and S73-21 [pdf]
S20-5 [pdf] Administrative Reorganization of Selected Agencies Rescinds S74-1 [pdf]
S20-4 [pdf] Optional Exclusion of Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness Surveys (SOTEs) Administered During Spring 2020  
S20-3 [pdf] Graduate Credit Earned by SJSU
Undergraduate Students
Rescinds S89-2 [pdf]
S20-2 [pdf] Students' Rights to Timely Feedback on Class Assignment Rescinds and replaces F13-1 [pdf]
S20-1 [pdf] English Language Proficiency Requirement for SJSU Applicants Rescinds and replaces F75-6 [pdf]
F19-4 [pdf] Updating and Changing Titles Associated with Faculty Affairs  
F19-3 [pdf] University Governance Awards for Students; Student Service Rescinds S97-4 [pdf]
F19-2 [pdf] Rescinds University Policy F85-8, Performance Evaluation Procedures for Unit 4, Academic Support Rescinds University Policy F85-8 [pdf]
F19-1 [pdf] Combined Bachelor's and Master's Programs  
S19-7 [pdf] Credit Hours and Maximum Unit Load during Summer and Intersession Rescinds S75-12 [pdf]
S19-3 [pdf]

University Writing:  Writing Requirements/ Guidelines, University Writing Committee

Rescinds S94-7 [pdf], S95-5 [pdf], /F15-6 [pdf]

Amendment A to S19-3 [pdf]

S19-2 [pdf] Charge and Membership of University Committees To be fully implemented by Fall 2020
S19-1 [pdf] Rescinds Campus Smoking Policies Rescinds S03-6 [pdf] and S93-11 [pdf]
F18-5 [pdf] University Grading System Policy Amendment A to F18-5 [pdf], Temporarily amended by S20-7 [pdf], Rescinds S73-23 [pdf]S73-24 [pdf], S83-15 [pdf], F88-6 [pdf], S99-6 [pdf], S10-2 [pdf], and S11-5 [pdf]
F18-3 [pdf] Charge and Membership of the Institutional Review Board  Also Amendment B to F17-1 [pdf]
F18-2 [pdf] Admission of Disqualified Students to Extension Courses Rescinds S73-10 [pdf]
F18-1 [pdf] Metropolitan University Scholars Experience (MUSE) New Student Seminar Program in Core General Education Rescinds S02-6 [pdf]
S18-15 [pdf] Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee (ADAPC)

Amendment A to S18-15 [pdf],

Amendment B to S18-15, [pdf]

Rescinds S01-2 [pdf]and F01-1 [pdf]

S18-14 [pdf] Department or School Name Change Note:  When a Name Change is proposed due to merging, dividing, or transferring academic units, use this policy in conjunction with S13-9 [pdf]
S18-13 [pdf]

Rescinds F97-4, Educational Equity Advisory Board

Rescinds F97-4 [pdf]

S18-11 [pdf]

Rescinds S09-5, Priority Registration

Rescinds S09-5 [pdf]

S18-10 [pdf]

Resource Analysis Required for Curricular Proposals

Rescinds S80-9 [pdf]

S18-9 [pdf]

Rescinds F83-10, Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination; Sanctions; Probation

Rescinds F83-10 [pdf]

S18-8 [pdf]

Rescinds S66-11, College Reports to Selective Service Boards

Rescinds S66-11 [pdf]

S18-7 [pdf]

Rescinds F71-14, Acting Appointments: Vice Presidents or Deans

Rescinds F71-14 [pdf]

S18-6 [pdf] Rescinds S90-13, At-Large Committee Appointments

Rescinds S90-13 [pdf]

S18-5 [pdf] Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity:  Advisor-Student Relationship, Sponsored Projects, and Proprietary and Confidential Information in RSCA

Amendment A to S18-5 [pdf],

Rescinds S94-8 [pdf]

S18-3 [pdf] Rescinds F88-5, Continuing Education Committee

Rescinds F88-5 [pdf]

S18-2 [pdf] Rescinds F72-1, Athletics Board Composition

Rescinds F72-1 [pdf]

S18-1 [pdf] Rescinds S88-5 and F02-2 Old SOTE and SOLATE Instruments

Rescinds S88-5 [pdf], and F02-2 [pdf]

F17-4 [pdf] Priority Registration

Rescinds F14-1 [pdf]

F17-3 [pdf] Selection and Review of Department Chairs and Directors

Rescinds S14-8 [pdf]

F17-2 [pdf] Conditional Admissions

Rescinds S88-7 [pdf]

F17-1 [pdf] Protection of Human Research Subjects

Amendment A, [pdf]Amentment B, [pdf]

Amendment C [pdf]

(Amendment C superseded S21-1 [pdf])

Temporarily amended by S21-1 [pdf], Rescinds and replaces S08-7, [pdf] rescinds F08-1, rescinds F90-4 [pdf]

S17-13 [pdf] UG Student Honors at SJSU

Amendment A to S17-13 [pdf]

Amendment B to S17-13 [pdf]

Rescinds F96-5 [pdf]

S17-12 [pdf] SJSU Graduate and Undergraduate University Learning Goals

Rescinds and replaces S13-2 [pdf]

S17-11 [pdf] Organization of the Program Planning Process at SJSU

Amendment B to S17-11 [pdf]

Amendment A to S17-11 (S19-2) [pdf],

Amendment C to S17-11 [pdf]

Rescinds and replaces S94-2 [pdf], S96-10 [pdf], and   F03-4 [pdf]

S17-7 [pdf] Graduate Course Revalidation  
S17-6 [pdf] Departmental Voting Rights

Amendment A [pdf]

Rescinds and replaces F66-6 [pdf], F02-4 [pdf], S98-2 [pdf], F07-5 [pdf]

S17-5 [pdf] Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students

Rescinds and replaces F11-2 [pdf]

S17-4 [pdf] Change in Membership, Charge, and Category for the Student Success Committee

Amendment A to S17-4 [pdf], Rescinds and replaces S11-6 [pdf]

S17-3 [pdf] Rescinds S82-10 [pdf]and F86-7 [pdf]  Pertaining to Technology-Related Advisory Boards

Rescinds S82-10 [pdf] and F86-7 [pdf]

S17-2 [pdf] Adopting New SOTE and SOLATE Instruments  
S17-1 [pdf] Final Examinations, or Culminating Activities Policy

Replaces S06-4 [pdf]

F16-6 [pdf] Modification of Senate Bylaw 4.1 Pertaining to Senate Executive Committee Membership

Amends Senate Bylaw 4.1 [pdf]

Rescinded S99-1 [pdf]

F16-5 [pdf] Modification of the Senate Constitution Related to Membership

Amends Senate Constitution, Article II, Section 2 [pdf]

F16-4 [pdf] Concurrent Membership on Operating and Policy Committees

Amends Senate Bylaw 6.11 [pdf]

F16-3 [pdf] Modification of Senate Bylaw 15c Pertaining to Editorial Changes in Policies and Senate Management Resolutions

Amends Senate Bylaw 15, section c [pdf]

F16-2 [pdf] Modification of Senate Bylaw 6.13:  Conversion of College Seats to At-Large Seats

Amends Senate Bylaw 6.13 [pdf]

S16-17 [pdf] Academic Certificate Programs: Review and Approval Process

Rescinds S12-5 [pdf]and S13-10 [pdf]

S16-16 [pdf] Probation and Disqualification

Temporary Amendment D to S16-16 [pdf], Temporarily amended by S20-7 [pdf] (Amendment C to S16-16), Amendment B to S16-16 (SM-F19-1)  [pdf]supersedes membership and charge of ADRRC in S19-2 (Amendment A to S16-16 [pdf], Rescinds S10-6 [pdf], S11-1 [pdf], and S15-5 [pdf]

S16-15 [pdf] Student Rights and Responsibilities

Rescinds S90-5 [pdf] and S98-6 [pdf]

S16-14 [pdf] Internships, Service Learning, and Off-Campus Learning Experiences  
S16-13 [pdf] Rescinds S02-8--Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy

Rescinds S02-8 [pdf]

S16-12 [pdf] Restoring Options for Students with Quantitative Reasoning Disabilities Affecting Math Skills  
S16-11 [pdf] Committee Obligations and Senate Membership, Modification of Bylaw 6

Amends Senate Bylaw 6 [pdf]

S16-10 [pdf] Special Agencies, Modification of Bylaw 10

Amends Senate Bylaw [pdf] 10

S16-9 [pdf] Course Syllabi

Amendment A to S16-9 [pdf], Rescinds F06-2 [pdf] and S12-3 [pdf]

S16-8 [pdf] Selection and Review of Administrators

Amended by

Amendment A to S16-8 [pdf],

Amendment B to S16-8 [pdf],

Rescinds F10-5 [pdf] and S06-3 [pdf], S16-8 (Original with no amendments) [pdf]

S16-7 [pdf] Expansion of Senate Bylaw 15 - Updating Senate Documents

Amends Senate Bylaw 15 [pdf]

S16-6 [pdf] Committee Obligations and Senate Membership 

Amends S09-3 [pdf]--Amends Senate Bylaw 1.6.2 [pdf]

Rescinds S99-1 [pdf] although not specified in S16-6 [pdf]

S16-5 [pdf] Accreditation Review Committee

Amendment B to S16-5 [pdf]

Amendment A to S16-5 (S19-2)  [pdf]

S16-4 [pdf] Minimum Criteria for Undergraduate Minors

Rescinds S75-4 [pdf]

S16-3 [pdf] SJSU Strategic Planning Policy

Amendment A to S16-3 (S19-2 [pdf]), Rescinds S09-6 [pdf] and SM-S12-2 [pdf]

S16-1 [pdf] Faculty Athletics Representative 

S16-1, Amendment A

Rescinds F05-2 [pdf]

F15-13 [pdf] Updating the General Education Advisory Committee (Formerly known as the Board of General Studies) Membership, Charge, Responsibilities Amendment A to F15-13 (S19-2) [pdf], Amendment B [pdf], Rescinds S02-7 [pdf] and S96-9 [pdf]
F15-12 [pdf] Attendance and Participation Rescinds F69-24 [pdf]
F15-11 [pdf] Amends the Credit by Exam for Challenge Examinations (F15-5) University Policy Amends F15-5 [pdf]
F15-10 [pdf] Dissolving the Heritage, Preservation and Public History Committee

Rescinds SM-S09-1 [pdf] and S05-5 [pdf], also Amendment A to S08-4 [pdf]

F15-9 [pdf] Budget Advisory Committee

Rescinds SM-S03-1 [pdf], Amends S09-6 [pdf], Amends Bylaw 10.1, Amended by SM-S11-1 [pdf] (Amendment A) and SM-F17-3 [pdf] (Amendment B),  S19-2 [pdf] (Amendment C), Amendment D to F15-9 [pdf]

F15-7 [pdf] Academic Integrity Rescinds S07-2 [pdf]
F15-5 [pdf] Credit by Exam for Challenge Examinations Amended by F15-11 [pdf], Amends F73-8 [pdf], as amended by F83-5 [pdf]
F15-3 [pdf] Establishing a Committed Presence in a Class

Amendment A to F15-3 [pdf],

Amends S05-12 [pdf]

S15-10 [pdf] Revisions to SJSU Library Policy

Supersedes S03-5 [pdf], S04-9 [pdf], and S06-5 [pdf]

Amendment A to S15-10 [pdf]

Amendment B to S15-10 (S19-2 [pdf])

Amendment C to S15-10 [pdf]

Amendment D to S15-10 [pdf]

S15-9 [pdf] Scheduling of Thanksgiving Holiday  
S15-8 [pdf] Retention, Tenure, and Promotion for Regular Faculty Employees:  Criteria and Standards

Amendment H to S15-8 [pdf]

Amendment G to S15-8 [pdf]

Amendment F to S15-8 [pdf]

Amendment E to S15-8 [pdf]

Amendment D to S15-8 [pdf]

Amendment C to S15-8 [pdf]Amendment B to S15-8 [pdf]Amendment A to S15-8 [pdf], Rescinds S98-8 [pdf] over a 4 year phase out period.

S15-7 [pdf] Retention, Tenure, and Promotion for Regular Faculty Employees:  Procedures

S15-7, Amendment A [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment B [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment C [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment D [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment E [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment F [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment G [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment H [pdf]

S15-7, [pdf]   Amendment I [pdf]

S15-7, Amendment J [pdf]

Amends S98-8 [pdf]


S15-6 [pdf] Appointment of Regular Faculty Employees

S15-6, Amendment A [pdf]

S15-6, Amendment B [pdf]

S15-6, Amendment C [pdf]

S15-6, Amendment D [pdf]

Amends S98-8 [pdf]

S15-3 [pdf] Leaves of Absence for Students

Amendment B to S15-3, [pdf]

Amendment A to S15-3 [pdf], Rescinds S88-1 [pdf] and S93-1 [pdf]

S15-2 [pdf] Sound Level at Campus Events  Rescinds S12-8 [pdf]
S15-1 [pdf] Allocation of Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students -- As per the CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement 2014-2017 S15-1, Amendment A  [pdf]
F14-2 [pdf] Emeriti Faculty Rescinds F92-6 [pdf] and F96-7 [pdf]
S14-11 [pdf] Physical Education Requirement Amends S13-3 [pdf], Rescinds S73-5 [pdf] and F96-12 [pdf]
S14-10 [pdf] Master's Committee Structure and Processes and Thesis Embargoes Rescinds S87-6 [pdf], Amends S94-8 [pdf]
S14-9 [pdf] Guidelines for Concentrations

Amendment A to S14-9  [pdf]

Original S14-9 with no amendments [pdf]

S14-7 [pdf] Accommodation to Students' Religious Holidays Rescinds F68-8 [pdf]
S14-6 [pdf] Policy and Assurance for Humane Care and Use of Animals at San Jose State University

Amendment A to S14-6 [pdf](Supersedes S21-1) [pdf] Temporarily amended by S21-1 [pdf], Rescinds F06-4 [pdf]

S14-4 [pdf] Naming of Campus Facilities and properties; And Colleges, Schools, and other Academic Entities at San Jose State University Rescinds S00-3 [pdf], S00-4 [pdf], and S07-1 [pdf]
S14-3 [pdf] Student Fairness Dispute Resolution, see also EO 792 [pdf]

Amendment A to S14-3 (S19-2) [pdf]

Amendment B to S14-3 [pdf]

Replaces S07-6 [pdf]

F13-2 [pdf] Technology Intensive, Hybrid and Online Courses and Programs

F13-2, Amendment A [pdf]

Replaces S01-10 [pdf] and S97-6 [pdf]

S13-9 [pdf] Merging, Dividing, Transferring, Eliminating Academic Units Amendment A to S13-9 [pdf] (rescinds S06-7),  S13-9 Amended S06-7 [pdf]
S13-8 [pdf] Residency Requirements for Masters Degrees Replaces F91-3 [pdf]
S13-6 [pdf] Campus Faculty Awards and Nominations for System Faculty Awards

Amendment B to S13-6 (S19-2) [pdf]

Amendment A to S13-6 [pdf]

Replaces S00-9 [pdf] and S05-1 [pdf]

S13-3 [pdf] Temporary Accommodation for Degree Programs Reducing to 120 Units  Amended by S14-11 [pdf]
F12-7 [pdf] Enrollment Priorities for Former Students Returning (FSRs)  
F12-6 [pdf] Evaluation in Effectiveness in Teaching for All Faculty  Amendment A to F12-6 (S13-5) [pdf], Amendment B to F12-6 (S14-1) [pdf], Amendment C to F12-6 [pdf], Replaces S91-9 [pdf], S06-6 [pdf], F83-2 [pdf], S08-1, [pdf] S83-12 [pdf], S08-6 [pdf], S89-6 [pdf], S73-8 [pdf], F12-1 [pdf]
F12-5 [pdf] Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct

Amendment A to F12-5 [pdf], (Supersedes S21-1) [pdf]

Temporarily amended by S21-1 [pdf], Replaces S99-10 [pdf]

F12-4 [pdf] Omnibus Recision of Lapsed and Obsolete Policies Previously Recommended by the Professional Standards Committee Rescinds S66-16 [pdf], S66-17 [pdf], S66-18 [pdf], S66-19 [pdf], S68-10 [pdf], S71-2 [pdf], S71-3 [pdf], S71-4 [pdf], F72-5 [pdf], S73-2 [pdf], S73-3 [pdf], S73-18 [pdf], S73-22 [pdf], S73-26 [pdf], S74-17 [pdf], S88-3 [pdf]
F12-3 [pdf] Amending the Period of Review, S98-8, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Criteria, Standards and Procedures for Regular Faculty Employees Amends S98-8 [pdf]
S12-7 [pdf] Consent for Recording of Class and Public Sharing of Instructor Material Amends F06-2 [pdf]
S12-6 [pdf] Advertising Campus Events: Flyers, Banners, Chalking, etc. See also PD-2001-1 [pdf]
S12-4 [pdf] Appropriate Content for Material Containing SJSU Logo or Name See also PD-2008-1
S12-2 [pdf] Faculty Personnel Records: Confidentiality; Access Amendment A to S12-2 [pdf]Rescinds S73-19 [pdf]
S12-1 [pdf] Faculty Office Hours Replaces S68-6 [pdf]
F11-4 [pdf] Frosh Housing Requirement at San Jose State University  
S11-2 [pdf] Extension of Prime Time Scheduling Period Amends F98-4 [pdf]
F10-3 [pdf] Grading Symbols for Drops and Withdrawals Amends S09-7 [pdf]
F10-1 [pdf] The Use and Abuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs Rescinds S02-5 [pdf]
S10-7 [pdf] Appointment and Evaluation Policy for Temporary Faculty Rescinds F99-6 [pdf]
S10-5 [pdf] Creation of a University Sustainability Board

Amendment B to S10-5  [pdf] Note:  The charge and membership in Amendment A are superseded by Amendment B.

Amendment A to S10-5 (S19-2) [pdf]

S10-4 [pdf] Guiding Principles for Enrollment Management  
S10-3 [pdf] Inappropriate Sexual Behavior Policy  
S10-1 [pdf] Merger of Affirmative Action and Faculty Diversity Committees

Amendment A to S10-1 (S19-2) [pdf]

Rescinds S89-15 [pdf]

F09-2 [pdf] Policy on Late and Retroactive Enrollment  
S09-7 [pdf] Grading Symbols, Drop and Withdrawal; Retroactive Drop and Retroactive Withdrawal; Assignment of Grades and Grade Appeals; Change of Grade; and Integrity of the Academic Record Amended by S11-5 [pdf], F10-3 [pdf], Rescinds S73-14 [pdf], S73-15 [pdf], S73-16 [pdf], S73-28 [pdf], and Amends S07-6 [pdf]
S09-4 [pdf] First-Year Experience Courses Rescinds S04-2 [pdf]
S09-3 [pdf] Senate Elections Amended by S16-6 [pdf], Amends bylaws 1.5 and 1.6
S09-1 [pdf] Department/Colleges Record Keeping  
F08-5 [pdf] New Senate Bylaw 16 Adds a new bylaw
F08-4 [pdf] Sabbatical Leaves Policy Amendment A to University Policy F08-4 [pdf], Rescinds S96-7 [pdf]
F08-2 [pdf] Repetition of Courses; Academic Renewal Amendment A to F08-2 [pdf], Amends S04-2 [pdf] Rescinds F78-3 [pdf], S94-4 [pdf], S00-10 [pdf], andF94-5 [pdf]
S08-4 [pdf] Campus Planning Board

Replaces S91-7 [pdf], Rescinds F93-1, [pdf] S96-5 [pdf], and S06-9 [pdf],


Amended by F15-10 [pdf] (Amendment A to S08-4)


S19-2 [pdf](Amendment B to S08-4)

(Amendment C to S08-4) [pdf]

(Amendment D to S08-4) [pdf]

F07-3 [pdf] Access to Instructional Materials: Timely Identification of Textbooks, Course Readers and Library Reserves  
F07-2 [pdf] Athletics Policy

Amendment A [pdf] (originally S08-2), Amendment B [pdf], (originally S13-7)

Note:  Amendment B made obsolete by Amendment D 

Amendment C [pdf], Amendment D (S19-2) [pdf]

Rescinds F79-4 [pdf], F83-4 [pdf], F87-7 [pdf] 

S07-4 [pdf] Dissolution of the Assessment Committee Rescinds S01-4 [pdf]
S06-8 [pdf] By-Law 10.3a Amendment—Special Agencies—Nomination of Faculty at Large Amends By-Law 10.3a
S06-1 [pdf] The Don and Sally Lucas Graduate School of Business  
S05-9 [pdf] Revision to F01-3 and Approval of Teaching Associate Fee Waiver Program Report—TA Fee Waiver Report (pdf) [pdf] modifies F01-3 [pdf]
S05-4 [pdf] Academic Qualifications for Student Office Holders  
S05-2 [pdf] Dissolution of the University Information Technology Board Rescinds S01-7 [pdf]
F04-1 [pdf] Student Opinion Teaching Evaluation (SOTE) and Student Opinion Laboratory Teaching Evaluation (SOLATE) Interpretation Guides—SOTE Interpretation Guide (pdf) [pdf] Replaces S98-4 [pdf] and S89-4 [pdf]
S04-4 [pdf] Student EEO—Student Employee Guidelines (pdf) [pdf] Rescinds S78-10 [pdf]
S04-3 [pdf] Substantive Change Policy  
F03-3 [pdf] Principles and Strategies to be Observed and Utilized during Times of Budget Cuts  
F03-2 [pdf] Naming of the Associated Students House  
S03-8 [pdf] Resolution to Name the Area Adjacent to the new Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, the Robert L. Caret Plaza  
S03-4 [pdf] Number of Faculty Reps to the Advisory Committee to the Trustees Committee for the selection of the President Modifies S95-8 [pdf] and S94-1 [pdf]
S03-1 [pdf] Library Resources for New Academic Programs  
S02-3 [pdf] Policies and Procedures for Designating Service-Learning Courses  
F01-3 [pdf] Teaching Associate Fee Waivers modified by S05-9 [pdf]
S01-13 [pdf] Commitment to a Campus Climate that Values Diversity & Equal Opportunity Replaces S91-1 [pdf] and F67-9 [pdf]; Modifies S89-15 [pdf]; Repeals S69-2 [pdf] and S69-3 [pdf]
S01-9 [pdf] Abolishment of the Lottery Committee Amends S95-7 [pdf]
S01-5 [pdf] 120 Unit Requirement for the Baccalaureate  
S01-3 [pdf] Naming of the Koret Athletic Training Center  
S00-7 [pdf] The Employment of Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants Modifies S99-2 [pdf]
S00-6 [pdf] Course Offering and Enrollment Standards Replaces Senate Policies F66-3 [pdf] and F66-4 [pdf]
S00-5 [pdf] Abolish CIO Advisory Board Repeal University Policy S98-9 [pdf]
S00-2 [pdf] Implementation of Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) and Service Salary Step Increase (SSI) Programs for unit 3 Faculty Employees replaces F99-1 [pdf]
S00-1 [pdf] Naming of the Joint Library Building  
F99-7 [pdf] GE Policy related to LLD 98/99  
F99-3 [pdf] Honoring Howard & Laura Blethen and Naming the SJSU Practice Field Blethen Field  
F99-2 [pdf] Constitutional Amendment to Article II, SEction 6  
S99-11 [pdf] Conflict of Interests Policy for Principal Investigators (Note: originally created as S95-9 then added as an appendix to S93-12, then removed to stand as its own policy.)  
S99-9 [pdf] Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility Modifies S94-5 [pdf] and F95-1 [pdf]
S99-8 [pdf] Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility Replaces S93-12 [pdf] and S94-3 [pdf] with S99-8 [pdf] and S99-11 [pdf]
S99-4 [pdf] Degree Termination Replaced S79-12 [pdf], F79-3 [pdf], F79-2 [pdf], F83-3 [pdf]
S99-2 [pdf] The Employment of Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants Modification to S98-10 [pdf], modified by S00-7 [pdf]
F98-4 [pdf] Class Scheduling Amended by S11-2 [pdf], Replaced S87-1 [pdf]
F98-3 [pdf] Intellectual/Creative Property Replaces F92-3 [pdf], S92-13 [pdf], F91-5 [pdf]
S98-12 [pdf] Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Performance in Assignment of Tenured Librarians Rescinds S90-12 [pdf] and clarifies S97-5 [pdf]
S98-10 [pdf] The Employment of Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants Modified by S99-2 [pdf]
S98-8 [pdf] Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion Criteria, Standards, and Procedures for Regular Faculty Employees Rescinded by S15-8 [pdf] for new faculty, however parts may still apply to faculty and it will not be totally obsolete until 2021.  Amended by F12-3 [pdf], S15-6 [pdf], and S15-7 [pdf].  Replaced S97-9 [pdf] and S94-6 [pdf]
F97-7 [pdf] Privacy of Electronic Information and Communications  
F97-2 [pdf] Naming the "The James F. Boccardo Business Education Center."  
F97-1 [pdf] Naming"The Alan B. Simpkins Intercollegiate Athletics Administration Building."  
S97-10 [pdf] Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities  
S97-5 [pdf] Post Tenure Review Clarified by S98-12 [pdf]
F96-10 [pdf] Renaming SPXW 986  
F96-9 [pdf] Renaming I/C AS 985  
F96-8 [pdf] Duties of Senate Officers Amends S72-1 [pdf], S74-16 [pdf], and S83-11 [pdf]
F96-6 [pdf] Election of Senate Officers; Option of Second Term for Senate Chair amended by F97-9 [pdf], amends F72-7 [pdf], F74-2 [pdf], and S83-11 [pdf]
F96-3 [pdf] Constitutional Amendments: Student Representation on Senate; Eligibility to become Senate Officers amended by F99-2  [pdf]
F96-1 [pdf] Amend By Laws/Standing Rules Amends S96-6 [pdf]; S92-8 [pdf], BL 3.1, 5.8, 5.12-B, C and 7.1; SR 11 and 17
S96-11 [pdf] Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials; Intellectual Property  
S96-8 [pdf] Difference in Pay Leaves Policy See also S96-7 [pdf] Sabbatical Policy  
S96-3 [pdf] Student Fee Itemization on Bills  
S96-2 [pdf] Direct Instruction Obligations; Ethics; Meeting Classes Amendment A to S96-2 [pdf], Replaced S92-5 [pdf]
F95-1 [pdf] Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility Modified by S99-9 [pdf]
S95-8 [pdf] Selection of Faculty Representatives for Advisory Committee to the Trustee Committee for the Selection of the President Modified by S03-4 [pdf]
S95-4 [pdf] Student Fees Reporting Supplemented by S96-3 [pdf]
F94-3 [pdf] ARTP for Librarians Rescinds F89-4 [pdf], Supplemented by S94-6 [pdf]
F94-1 [pdf] Disassociation of San Jose State University with the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC and AFROTC) Programs; Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, Academic Freedom  
S94-5 [pdf] Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility (BFR); Ethics Modified by S99-9 and  [pdf]S99-10 [pdf]
S94-1 [pdf] Selection of Faculty Representatives for Advisory Committee to the Trustees Committee for the Selection of the President Amended by S95-8 [pdf] and modified by S03-4 [pdf]
S93-14 [pdf] Curricular Priorities; Academic Priorities Supersedes S79-2 [pdf]
S93-9 [pdf] Recognition of Retired Support Staff/Administrator  
S93-5 [pdf] Enrollment Verification Procedures; Drop Period; Census Date Replaced F87-5 [pdf]
F92-5 [pdf] Change of Title "Department" to "School"; Director Replaced S92-9 [pdf]
F92-1 [pdf] Enrollment Advisory Committee (Note: merged with the Student Success Committee see SM-S01-3 [pdf])  
S92-12 [pdf] Statement on Academic Freedom and Artistic Expression  
S92-11 [pdf] Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee Amends S89-9 [pdf]
S92-3 [pdf] Appointment and Evaluation Policy for Library Faculty w/Temporary Appointments Replaces S90-6 [pdf]
S92-2 [pdf] Organization and Powers of Colleges replaces S67-22 [pdf]
S90-10 [pdf] Educational Equity  
F89-3 [pdf] Required Graduate Bibliographic Instruction  
S89-10 [pdf] Undergraduate Academic Advisement; Advising Replaces S75-1 [pdf]
F88-11 [pdf] International Programs Amended by F90-5 [pdf] (renamed Amendment A to F88-11), and S19-2 [pdf] (Amendment B to F88-11)
F88-9 [pdf] BA/BS Differentiation and Definition  Amendment A [pdf]
S87-10 [pdf] Exceptional(Special) Admission Reports  
S86-5 [pdf] Guidelines for Temporary and Permanent Reassignment of Regular Faculty from Departments of Original Appointment Replaced S79-13 [pdf] and S80-19 [pdf]
S86-1 [pdf] Procedures for Nomination of Faculty Trustee Candidates Replaced F82-4 [pdf]
F85-1 [pdf] Time Limit on Graduation Requirements  
S85-4 [pdf] Criteria for Upper Division Courses  
F84-2 [pdf] Matriculated Students Registering in Open University  
F83-5 [pdf] Amendment to UP F73-8, Advanced Standing by Examination  Amends F73-8 [pdf]
S83-5 [pdf] Senate Election Challenge Policy  
F81-7 [pdf] Appointment Procedures for Grant-Related Instructional Faculty of Exceptional Merit Amendment A  [pdf]
F81-4 [pdf] Faculty Attendance at Annual Commencement  
S81-16 [pdf] Special Session Salaries  
S81-11 [pdf] University Requirement: Oral Communication  
F80-8 [pdf] Financial Impact Report Required for Recommended Policies  
S79-7 [pdf] Advisor's Signature Requirement on Registration Forms  
S79-4 [pdf] Campus Policy on Student Field Experiences During Strikes  
S78-7 [pdf] Student Evaluation Review Board (SERB)

Amended by F78-2 (Amendment A), S79-6 (Amendment B), F80-7 (Amendment C),


(Amendment D),

F87-2 (Amendment E), 

S87-9 [pdf] (Amendment F), 

(Note:  F78-2, S79-6, F80-7, F82-2, F87-2, S87-9 and F87-6 were incorporated into F87-6), F87-6 [pdf] (Amendment G),

SM-S94-1 [pdf]    (Amendment H),

SM-S99-4 [pdf]  (Amendment I), 

F10-2 [pdf]  (Amendment J), and

S19-2 [pdf]  (Amendment K), 

(Amendment L to S78-7) [pdf]

(Amendment M to S78-7) [pdf]

S78-6 [pdf] Guidelines for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) Courses  
F77-2 [pdf] The Continuing Education Unit (CEU)  
F77-1 [pdf] Requirements for a Second Master's Degree; Graduate Degrees  
S77-8 [pdf] Transferability of Credit by Examination  
S77-6 [pdf] Policy on CLEP (College Level Examination Program Modifies S76-2 [pdf]
S76-8 [pdf] Concurrent Enrollment Replaced F71-8 [pdf]
S75-14 [pdf] Use of Consultants in Review of Academic Programs; Program Planning  
S75-5 [pdf] "Undeclared&Quot; Undergraduate Category Replaced S71-8 [pdf]
F74-7 [pdf] Requirement of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) a Department Option  
S74-8 [pdf] KSJS Radio Station  
S74-2 [pdf] Special Programs for High School Students  
F73-8 [pdf] Advanced Standing by Exam Amended by F83-5 [pdf]and F15-5 [pdf]
S73-9 [pdf] Continuing Education-Course Standards  
S73-7 [pdf] Office of Faculty and Instructional Development (F71-7, F71-12)  
S73-6 [pdf] University Requirements to Receive Priority Staffing; General Education (GE)  
S73-4 [pdf] Guidelines for Second Baccalaureates Amended by Amendment A to S73-4 [pdf] (originally known as F06-5)
F72-9 [pdf] Assigned Time Senate Officers and Policy Committee Chairs Replaced F71-2 [pdf]
F72-8 [pdf] Grade Distribution Reports  
F72-3 [pdf] Discontinuation of the ringing of bells at the beginning and end of class periods  
F71-15 [pdf] All Programs of Continuing Education will Be Transferred to the Dean of Educational Services  
S71-7 [pdf] SURROGATES (substitutes) for ex-officio members of Academic Council committees  
F70-6 [pdf] Changes in "President's Directive Regarding Use of State college buildings & Grounds" Policy S69-33  

F70-5 [pdf]


Banked Time Memo from Burns on Banked Time [pdf]
F70-4 [pdf] Resolution supporting the concept of a "Center for Study of Contemporary Issues"  
F70-3 [pdf] Commendation of Hobert W. Burns  
S70-12 [pdf] Acute Accent (é) placed on the "E"; of San José in all Written Communication Amended by S73-21 [pdf]

S70-5 [pdf]


Use or Possession of Alcohol Beverages on School Grounds, see also S02-5  
F69-18 [pdf] Lowering of the Flag  
F69-12 [pdf] Prohibition of Classified Research; Academic Freedom  
S69-25 [pdf] Minimum number of Upper Division Units for Bachelor's Degree  
S69-18 [pdf] Acquisition, Possession and use of Firearms on San Jose State University Properties  
F68-25 [pdf] Evaluation and Transfer of Credit ; Recognition of Outside Degrees  
F68-24 [pdf] Guidlines for Experimental Undergraduate Courses: 96/196  
F68-20 [pdf] Admission of high School Students in Summer Sessions  
F68-9 [pdf] Maximum number of Junior College Transfer Units Allowed  
F68-4 [pdf] F.M. Radio Station  
F67-11 [pdf] Graduate Experimental courses; Individual Study  
S67-31 [pdf] Standards for Awarding Academic Credit: Faculty Appointment at SJSU; Discipline Specific Expertise of Faculty; Catalog Publication of course  
S67-2 [pdf] Guidelines for Individual Studies (180) and Special Studies (196)  
F66-13 [pdf] Prohibition of Double-Numbering of Course; Lower Division/Upper Division Differentiation  
S66-20 [pdf] Students' Record, Control of Information Contained in Records  
S66-15 [pdf] Foreign degrees, request for study of equivalent to U.S. degrees & interim procedure for SJS until study is completed  
S66-12 [pdf] Transfer credit for extension and correspondence courses