Policy No Subject Supersedes/
SM-F20-3 [pdf] Amendment to SM-F15-4, Modification of the Graduate Studies and Research Committee Membership Amends SM-F15-4 [pdf]  
SM-F20-2 [pdf] Updating Membership of the Professional Standards Committee Rescinds SM-F18-2 [pdf]  
SM-F20-1 [pdf] Change to Membership of the Committee on Committees Amends Senate bylaws [pdf] 3.6 and 4.3.2  
S20-5 [pdf] Administrative Reorganization of Selected Agencies Rescinds S74-1 [pdf]  
S19-3 [pdf]

Univeristy Policy, University Writing:  Requirements/Guidelines, University Writing Committee

Amendment A to S19-3 [pdf],

S94-7 [pdf], S95-5 [pdf], and F15-6 [pdf]

S19-2 [pdf]

Charge and Membership of University Committees

To be fully implemented by Fall 2020

Note:  Amends policies related to most University Committees

SM-S19-6 [pdf]

Amending Bylaw 5, Membership of the Committee on Committees

Amends Bylaw 5.2 [pdf]  
SM-S19-4 [pdf]

Establishing a Special Committee to Coordinate and Prepare a Campus Response to the GE Task Force Report from February 2019  

SM-S19-1 [pdf] Charge and Membership of Senate Policy Committees Bylaws 4 and 5 [pdf] and rescinds SM-S89-3 [pdf]  
SM-F18-1 [pdf] Rescinds Outdated SMs pertaining to a number of committees Rescinds SM-F82-3 [pdf], SM-S84-4 [pdf], SM-S87-3 [pdf], SM-F88-2 [pdf], SM-S90-3 [pdf]  
S18-15 [pdf] Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (ADAPC) Policy

Amendment A to S18-15 [pdf],

Amendment B to S18-15 [pdf],

Rescinds S01-2 [pdf], and F01-1 [pdf]

S18-13 [pdf] Rescinds University Policy F97-4, Educational Equity Advisory Board Rescinds F97-4 [pdf]  
S18-6 [pdf] Rescinds S90-13 [pdf], At-large Committee Appointments Rescinds S90-13 [pdf]  
S18-3 [pdf] Rescinds F88-5, Continuing Education Committee Rescinds F88-5 [pdf] see also SM-F08-4  [pdf]
S18-2 [pdf] Rescinds, F72-1, Athletics Board Composition Rescinds F72-1 [pdf]  
SM-F17-4 [pdf] Rescinds SM-F06-2 related to Senate Standing Rule 7 Rescinds SM-F06-2 [pdf]  
SM-F17-3 [pdf] Rescinds SM-S11-1, Budget Advisory Committee Responsibilities Rescinds SM-S11-1 [pdf]  
SM-F17-2 [pdf] Amends SM-S04-2, Dissolving the Improvement of Instruction Committee... Amends SM-S04-2 [pdf] (to rescind SM-S00-2 [pdf])  
SM-F17-1 [pdf] Rescinds SM-F04-1 and SM-S97-8 Related to the University Teacher Education Committee Rescinds SM-F04-1 [pdf] and SM-S97-8 [pdf]  
S17-4 [pdf] Change in Membership, Charge, and Category for the Student Success Committee Amendment A to S17-4 [pdf], Rescinds and replaces S11-6 [pdf]  
SM-F16-1 [pdf] Undergraduate Studies Committee Membership Amends SM-F15-2 [pdf]  
S16-5 [pdf] Accreditation Review Committee

Amendment B to S16-5 [pdf]

Amendment A to S16-5 (S19-2)  [pdf]

S16-3 [pdf] Strategic Planning Policy

Amendment A to S16-3 (S19-2 [pdf]), Rescinds S09-6 [pdf]and SM-S12-2 [pdf]

F15-13 [pdf] Updating the Board of General Studies Membership, charge, and Responsibilities Amendment A to F15-13 (S19-2) [pdf], Rescinds S02-7 [pdf] and S96-9 [pdf]  
F15-10 [pdf] Dissolving the Heritage, Preservation, and Public History Committee Rescinds SM-S09-1 [pdf], and S05-5 [pdf], Amends S08-4 [pdf]  
F15-9 [pdf] Budget Advisory Committee

Amendment A (SM-S11-1 [pdf]), Amendment B (SM-F17-3 [pdf]), Amendment C (S19-2 [pdf]), Amendment D to F15-9 [pdf],

Rescinds SM-S03-1 [pdf], Amends S09-6 [pdf], Amends Bylaw 10.1

S15-10 [pdf] Revisions to SJSU Library Policy

Amendment A to S15-10 [pdf]

Amendment B to S15-10 [pdf] (S19-2)

Amendment C to S15-10 [pdf]

Effective May 15, 2015
F15-8 [pdf] Modification of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board Membership  Amends S08-7 [pdf]  
SM-F15-4 [pdf] Modifies the Graduate Studies and Research Committee Membership

Amends SM-S96-5 [pdf]

SM-F15-2 [pdf] Modification of Undergraduate Studies Committee Charge

Amended by S19-2 [pdf]

Amended by SM-F16-1, [pdf] Amends SM-S98-1 [pdf]

SM-F15-1 [pdf] Dissolving the University Teacher Education Committee Rescinds SM-S12-1 [pdf]  
S14-3 [pdf] Student Fairness Dispute Resolution

Amendment B to S14-3 [pdf],

Amendment A to S14-3 (S19-2) [pdf]

Rescinds S07-6 [pdf]

SM-F13-1 [pdf] Updating the Membership of the Student Affairs Committee (I&SA)    
SM-S13-3 [pdf] Temporary increase in committee membership for the Student Fairness Committee Temporarily amends S97-8 [pdf]  
F10-2 [pdf] Membership, Student Evaluation Review Board Amends S06-3 [pdf], and F87-6 [pdf], Modifies SM-S99-4 [pdf]  
S10-5 [pdf] Creation of a University Sustainability Board

Amendment B to S10-5  [pdf]

Amendment A to S10-5 (S19-2 [pdf])  Note:  changes to charge and membership from S19-2 superseded by charge and membership in Amendment B.

S10-1 [pdf] Merger of Affirmative Action and Faculty Diversity Committees Rescinds S89-15 [pdf]  
SM-S09-1 [pdf] Changing the Membership of the Heritage, Preservation, and Public History Committee Amends S05-5 [pdf]  
F08-3 [pdf] Changes to the Composition of the Professional Standards Committee Amends bylaws 2.21, 6.8, and 6.9  
S08-7 [pdf] Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects— modifies the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Rescinds F90-4 [pdf]  
SM-F08-6 [pdf] Changing the Composition of the Program Planning Committee See also SM-S96-4 [pdf] and SM-F03-2 [pdf]  
SM-F08-4 [pdf] Dissolution of the Extended Studies Committee Makes obsolete F71-13 [pdf]S72-2 [pdf]F88-5, [pdf] and SM-S05-2 [pdf]  
SM-F08-3 [pdf] Changing the Membership of the Graduate Studies and Research Committee Amends SM-S96-5 [pdf]  
S08-4 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Amendment A to S08-4 (F15-10 [pdf]), Amendment B to S08-4 (S19-2 [pdf]), Replaces S91-7 [pdf], Rescinds F93-1, S96-5, and S06-9, Amendment C to S08-4 [pdf]  
F07-2 [pdf] Athletics Board

Amendment A [pdf] (originally S08-2), Amendment B [pdf], (originally S13-7) 

Amendment C [pdf],

Amendment D (S19-2) [pdf]

Rescinds F79-4 [pdf]F83-4 [pdf]F87-7 [pdf] 

S07-4 [pdf] Dissolution of the Assessment Committee Rescinds S01-4 [pdf]  
SM-F06-4 [pdf] Removal of Membership on AUTEC Amends S86-3 [pdf]  
S06-9 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Amends S91-7 [pdf]  
S05-5 [pdf] Creation of the Heritage, Preservation, and Public History Committee    
SM-S05-6 [pdf] Creating a Faculty Diversity Committee    
S05-4 [pdf] Academic Qualifications for Student Office Holders    
S05-3 [pdf] Institutional Review Board-Human Subjects, Training for Investigators Amends F90-4 [pdf]  
S05-2 [pdf] Dissolution of the University Information Technology Board Rescinds S01-7 [pdf]  
SM-S05-3 [pdf] Addition to the Charge of the Institutional Review Board—Human Subjects    
SM-S05-2 [pdf] Continuing Education Committee    
SM-S05-1 [pdf] International Programs and Students Committee    
F04-3 [pdf] The Strategic Planning Process at SJSU (established the Goals Advisory Council (GAC) and the University Planning Council (UPC))    
SM-F04-4 [pdf] Change in the Membership of the International Programs and Students Committee    
SM-F04-3 [pdf] Change in Membership of the Student Success Committee    
SM-F04-2 [pdf] Change in Membership of the Instruction and Student Affairs (ISA) Committee&    
SM-F04-1 [pdf] Change in Membership of the All University Teacher Education (AUTEC) Committee    
S01-9 [pdf] Abolishment of Lottery Committee    
S01-8 [pdf] Enlargement of BAC Committee Amends By-Law 14.1  
S99-9 [pdf] Board of Professional Responsibility Modified by Amendment B [pdf], Modified by Amendment A to S99-9A [pdf] and S99-8A [pdf], Created Academic Freedom Committee and changed Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility to Board of Professional Responsibility, Modifies S94-5 [pdf] and F95-1 [pdf]  
S98-9 [pdf] Dissolution of the Information System and Computing, Establishment of CIO Advisory Board    
S98-3 [pdf] (see F05-1 [pdf] and S06-2 [pdf]) Committee on Committees

Modifies By-Law 4.1

Note that S98-3 was superseded by F05-1 [pdf] and the bylaws were republished in S06-2 with amendments to bylaw 1.  See S06-2 [pdf] for last complete reissue of bylaws.

F97-10 [pdf] Representation on Senate Committees Modifies By-Laws 5.10.1 and 5.12  
F97-8 [pdf] Special Agencies    
F97-5 [pdf] AUTEC: All University Teacher Education Committee Rescinds SM-S97-8 [pdf]; amends S86-3 [pdf]; amended by SM-F04-1 [pdf]  
S97-3 [pdf] Senate Membership: Academic Deans, University Librarians, Presidents    
S97-2 [pdf] Student Representation on Senate    
F96-6 [pdf] Election of Senate Officers; Option of Second Term for Senate Chair    
F96-3 [pdf] Student Representation on Senate-eligibility for Senate Officers Const. Amendment  
S96-13 [pdf] Representation of College of Social Work on Senate Policy Committees    
S96-6 [pdf] Senate Secretary's Functions Amend By-Laws 2.1, Amended by F96-1 [pdf]  
S96-5 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Amends S91-7 [pdf]  
S96-4 [pdf] Election of Policy Committee Chairs    
F95-1 [pdf] Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility Modified by S99-9 [pdf]  
S95-7 [pdf] By-Law 14 Amendment (Lottery Committee) Committee abolished see S01-9 [pdf]  
S95-6 [pdf] Faculty appointed to Instructionally Related Activities Committee By-Law 12 Amendment  
S95-3 [pdf] Lottery Committee Committee abolished; see S01-9 [pdf]  
S95-1 [pdf] Selection of Fac. Reps for Advisory Committee for the Sel. of the President    
S94-5 [pdf] Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility Modified by F95-1 [pdf] and S99-9 [pdf]  
F93-1 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Amends S91-7 [pdf]  
S93-17 [pdf] Budget Advisory Committee    
S93-12 [pdf] Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility; Ethics; Conflict of Interest; Principal Investigator Reissued as S99-8 [pdf] and S99-11 [pdf]; supersedes S88-9 [pdf] and F67-17; amended by S93-12 [pdf] S94-3, S95-9, and S99-9; implemented S93-12  
F92-4 [pdf] Special Agencies    
F92-1 [pdf] Enrollment Advisory Committee merged with the Student Success Committee see SM-S01-3 [pdf]  
S92-10 [pdf] Budget Review Committee    
S90-13 [pdf] At-Large Committee Appointments; Vacancies    
S83-5 [pdf] Senate Election Challenge Policy    
S82-10 [pdf] Information Systems and Computing Board    
S78-7 [pdf] Student Evaluation Review Board Amended by F78-2, S79-6, F80-7, F87-2, S87-9 [pdf], and F87-6 (Note:  F78-2, S79-6, F80-7, F87-2, S87-9 and F87-6 are all incorporated into F87-6), F87-6 [pdf]SM-S94-1 [pdf]SM-S99-4 [pdf]F10-2 [pdf], S19-2 [pdf] and Amendment L to S78-7 [pdf], Amendment M to S78-7 [pdf]  
F71-1 [pdf] Vice Chair is Alternative for Statewide Senators on Academic Senate  ,