Obsolete Policies

Policy No Subject Supersedes/
S21-1 [pdf] Time Limited Amendment of Research Oversight, Temporarily amends F12-5, S14-6, and F17-1

Expired by F12-5A [pdf], S14-6A [pdf], and F17-1C [pdf]

F15-11 [pdf] Amends the Credit by Exam for Challenge Examinations (F15-5 [pdf]) policy

Amends F15-5 [pdf], Rescinded by S24-1 [pdf]

Obsolete, see S24-1 [pdf]
F15-8 [pdf] Modification of Human Subjects Institutional Review Board Membership

Rescinded by F17-1 [pdf]

Amended S08-7 [pdf]

F15-6 [pdf] Modification of the Writing Requirements Committee Membership Rescinded by S19-3 [pdf], Rescinded S03-2 [pdf], Amended S95-5 [pdf] Obsolete, See S19-3 [pdf]
F15-5 [pdf] Credit by Exam for Challenge Examinations

Amended by F15-11 [pdf]

and F83-5 [pdf], Amended F73-8 [pdf], Rescinded by S24-1 [pdf]

Obsolete see S24-1 [pdf]
S15-5 [pdf] Academic Standards:  Probation and Disqualification Rescinded by S16-16 [pdf], Amended S10-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F14-1 [pdf] Scheduling of Advanced Registration and Priority Registration Rescinded by F17-4 [pdf], Amends Section 2 of S73-4 [pdf], Rescinded F11-3 [pdf], and F09-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S14-8 [pdf] Selection and Review of Department Chairs and Directors Rescinded by F17-3 [pdf], Rescinded F10-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S14-5 [pdf]

Adoption of Guidelines for General Education (GE), American Institutions (AI), and the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Rescinded by S22-5, Adoption of GE Guidelines of 2022 [pdf]

Rescinded S01-14 [pdf]S05-8 [pdf], S09-2 [pdf], S11-3 [pdf], S12-9 [pdf], 2014 GE Guidelines [pdf]

F13-1 [pdf]

Students' Rights to Timely Feedback on Class Assignments


Rescinded by S20-2 [pdf], Replaces F68-18 [pdf] Obsolete
S13-10 [pdf] Modify the Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates Rescinded by S16-17 [pdf], Amended S12-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S13-7 [pdf] Regarding Membership on the Athletics Board Amendment B  to  F07-2 [pdf] Obsolete, See Amendment D to F07-2 (S19-2) [pdf]
F12-2 [pdf] To Keep the Administration of SOTES in Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 Unchanged While SJSU Works to Adjust Policies to the New Contract   Obsolete, Expired after Winter 2013
F12-1 [pdf] Administration of Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTES) Online Rescinded by F12-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S12-9 [pdf] Temporary Suspension of Enforcement of the Requirement that Students must Enroll in Courses for Areas R, S, and V in SJSU Studies in three different departments Rescinded by S14-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S12-8 [pdf] Sound Level at Campus Events Rescinded by S15-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S12-5 [pdf] Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificate Programs

Rescinded by S16-17 [pdf]

S12-3 [pdf] Bringing SJSU Policies into Compliance with Federal Regulations regarding the definition of the Credit Hour

Rescinded by S16-9 [pdf], Amended F06-2 [pdf]


F11-3 [pdf] Annual Review of Priority Registration Amended F09-1 [pdf], Rescinded by F14-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F11-2 [pdf] Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students Rescinded and replaced by S17-5 [pdf] Obsolete 
S11-6 [pdf] Student Success Committee Rescinded by S17-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S11-5 [pdf] ABC/NC Grading Amends S10-2 [pdf], S09-7 [pdf], S99-6 [pdf], S95-5 [pdf], Section F Obsolete, see F18-5 [pdf]
S11-3 [pdf] 2.0 GPA Graduation Requirement for the GE Portion of SJSU Studies Rescinded by S14-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S11-1 [pdf] Determination of Academic Standing 

Rescinded by S16-16 [pdf], clarified S10-6 [pdf]

S10-7 [pdf] Appointment and Evaluation
Policy for Temporary Faculty

Rescinded by S21-2 [pdf], Replaced F99-6 [pdf]

S10-6 [pdf] Academic Standards:  Probation and Disqualification Policy 

Rescinded by S16-16 [pdf], Rescinded F96-11 [pdf], Clarified by S11-1 [pdf]

F10-5 [pdf] Selection and Review of Administrators

Rescinded by S16-8 [pdf], Amended S06-3 [pdf]

F10-4 [pdf] Selection and Review of Department Chairs and Directors

Rescinded by S14-8 [pdf]

Rescinds S90-4 [pdf] and F07-4 [pdf]

S10-2 [pdf] Removal of Mandated ABC/NC Grading for Engl 1A and Engl 1B

Rescinded by F18-5 [pdf], Amended by S11-5 [pdf], Amended S99-6 [pdf], S95-5 [pdf] Section F, and F88-6 [pdf]

Obsolete, see F18-5 [pdf]
F09-1 [pdf] Scheduling of Advance Registration and Priority Registration

Rescinded by F14-1 [pdf]

Rescinds S97-1 [pdf], F06-5 [pdf]

Amended S73-4 [pdf]

S09-6 [pdf] Strategic Planning Policy Rescinded by S16-3 [pdf], Amended by F15-9 [pdf], SM-S12-2 [pdf], Rescinded F04-3 [pdf], S07-3 [pdf], Amended Bylaw 10.1 Obsolete
S09-5 [pdf] Priority Registration Rescinded by S18-11 [pdf], Amends S97-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see S18-11 [pdf]
S09-2 [pdf] Amends the 2005 GE Guidelines Rescinded by S14-5 [pdf], Amended the 2005 GE Guidelines [pdf] Obsolete
F08-3 [pdf] Changes to the Composition of the Professional Standards  Committee, Senate bylaw changes; Amends bylaws 2.21, 6.8, and 6.9 Rescinded by SM-S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S08-7 [pdf] Protection of Human Research Subjects Rescinded by F17-1 [pdf], Amended by F15-8 [pdf], Rescinded F90-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S08-6 [pdf] Developing Baseline Values (Norms) for the Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE) Surveys for use in Periodic and Performance Evaluations Obsolete, Rescinded by F12-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S08-5 [pdf] Revision to Bylaw 13, representative to ASCSU Obsolete, Rescinded by SM-S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S08-3 [pdf] Incorporating Accessibility into the Curriculum Review Process Obsolete, Rescinded by S22-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S08-1 [pdf] Amendment to University Policy S06-6, Administration of Online Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness Evaluations for Online Courses Obsolete, Rescinded by F12-6 [pdf], Amended S06-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F08-1 [pdf] Amendment to S08-7, [pdf] Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects Obsolete, Rescinded by Amendment A to F17-1 [pdf] (amended S08-7 [pdf], Rescinded F00-1 [pdf]and S05-3 [pdf]) Obsolete
F07-5 [pdf] Voting Privileges for Faculty Assigned to More Than One Representative Unit Rescinded by S17-6 [pdf], Replaced bylaw 1.7 [pdf] Obsolete
F07-4 [pdf] Definition of Majority vote Regarding Selection and Review of Department Chairs Obsolete, Rescinded by F10-4 [pdf] Obsolete
F07-1 [pdf] Senate Vacancies Obsolete, Rescinded by SM-S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S07-6 [pdf] Student Fairness Dispute Resolution, see also EO 792 [pdf] Obsolete, Rescinded by S14-3 [pdf], Amended by S09-7 [pdf], Rescinds S97-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S07-5 [pdf] Amends Bylaw 10 (Special Agencies), responsibility to stagger FAL terms Obsolete, Rescinded by SM-S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S07-3 [pdf] Repeal of S05-10 and Adoption of "The Planning and Budget Process at SJSU" Obsolete, Rescinded by S09-6 [pdf], Replaced S05-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S07-2 [pdf] Academic Integrity Obsolete, Rescinded by F15-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S07-1 [pdf] Naming of Colleges, Schools, and other Academic Entities at SJSU  Obsolete, Rescinded by S14-4 [pdf], Amends S00-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S06-9 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Obsolete, Rescinded by S08-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S06-7 [pdf] Merging, Dividing, Transferring, Eliminating Academic Departments

Obsolete, Rescinded by Amendment A to S13-9 [pdf], Amended by S13-9 [pdf]

S06-6 [pdf] Procedures to be Followed when Administering SOTES Obsolete, Replaced by F12-6 [pdf], replaced S03-3 [pdf], S87-9 [pdf], S86-2 [pdf], S98-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S06-5 [pdf] Committee Assignment of the Vice Chair of the Senate on the University Library Board Rescinded by S15-10 [pdf], Amended S03-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S06-4 [pdf] Final Examination, Evaluation, or Culminating Activity Policy Replaced by S17-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S06-3 [pdf] Selection and Review of Administrators Rescinded by S16-8 [pdf], Amended by F10-5 [pdf], Rescinded F98-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S06-2 [pdf] Update of Senate Bylaws Rescinded by SM-S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete
F06-6 [pdf] Amends bylaw 6.7.1 Rescinded by SM-S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete
F06-5 [pdf] Amendment of Policies S73-4 and S97-1, Second Baccalaureate Registration Priority Rescinded by F09-1 [pdf], Amends S73-4 [pdf] and S97-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F06-4 [pdf] Policy and Assurance for Humane Care and Use of Animals at San Jose State University

Rescinded by S14-6 [pdf]; Rescinded F97-6 [pdf]

F06-2 [pdf] Greensheets (Syllabi) Rescinded by S16-9 [pdf], Amended by S12-3 [pdf], Rescinded S05-14 [pdf] Obsolete
F06-1 [pdf] Academic Integrity Rescinded by S07-2 [pdf]; Rescinds S04-12 [pdf] Obsolete
F05-2 [pdf] Appointment and term of the Faculty Athletics Representative Rescinded by S16-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see S16-1 [pdf]
F05-1 [pdf] Update of Senate Bylaws

Rescinded by

SM-S20-3 [pdf]

S05-14 [pdf] Greensheets (Syllabi) Obsolete, Replaced by F06-2 [pdf]; Replaces S79-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S05-13 [pdf] Reporting of Organized Research and Training Units (ORUs)

Obsolete, Rescinded by S22-1 [pdf]

Rescinded S96-1 [pdf] and S00-8 [pdf]

Obsolete, see S22-1 [pdf]
S05-12 [pdf] Changing the Schedule Adjustment Period. Obsolete, Rescinded by S22-6, [pdf] Amended by F15-3 [pdf], Amends F04-2 [pdf] Obsolete, See S22-6 [pdf]
S05-11 [pdf] Modification to Senate By-Laws, External Relations added to Executive Committee Duties Obsolete, Modified Senate Bylaw 4.3 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S05-10 [pdf] The Planning and Budget Process at SJSU Obsolete, Repeals F91-1 [pdf], F96-4 [pdf], S02-1 [pdf], S03-10, S04-1, S04-11, and S93-17 Obsolete, see S07-3 [pdf]
S05-8 [pdf] Revision and Reissuance of the General Education Guidelines—GE Guidelines (pdf) [pdf] Obsolete, Rescinded by S14-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S05-7 [pdf] Modification to Senate By-Laws, Clarification of the General Unit Obsolete Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S05-6 [pdf] By-Law Amendment, Modification to Role of Senate Secretary and Senate Administrative Analyst Obsolete  Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S05-5 [pdf] Dissolving the Heritage, Preservation, and Public History Committee

Obsolete, Rescinded by F15-10 [pdf], modified by SM-S09-1 [pdf]

Obsolete, see F15-10 [pdf]
S05-3 [pdf] Institutional Review Board, Human Subjects, Training for Investigators Obsolete, Rescinded by F08-1 [pdf], replaced by S08-7, Amended F90-4 Obsolete, see F08-1 [pdf] andS08-7 [pdf]
S05-1 [pdf] Implementation of an Outstanding Lecturer Award Replaced by S13-6 [pdf] Obsolete, see S13-6 [pdf]
F04-3 [pdf] The Strategic Planning Process at SJSU Rescinded by S09-6 [pdf] Effective August 20, 2009
F04-2 [pdf] Replacement of the drop policy Rescinded by S22-6 [pdf], amended y 
S05-14 [pdf]
S04-12 [pdf] Academic Integrity Policy Obsolete, Replaced by F06-1 [pdf]; Replaced F88-1, S98-1, S02-4, S03-7 Obsolete
S04-11 [pdf] The Planning and Budget Process at SJSU Obsolete, repealed by S05-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S04-10 [pdf] Provisions for Filling Student Vacancies when the Associated Students has been unable to do so Obsolete, Amendment to By-Laws (5.5, 5.5.1, 5.5.2) Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S04-9 [pdf] Modification to SJSU Library Policy S03-5, Sect. 5.1 and 9.2.4 regarding transitions:  Reference Collection Obsolete, Replaced by S15-10 [pdf], amended S03-5 [pdf] Section 5.1 and 9.2.4 Obsolete, see S15-10 [pdf]
S04-8 [pdf] Senate By-Law Amendment Obsolete, Adding the VP of Advancement to Executive Committee Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S04-7 [pdf] Constitution Amendment, Removing the VP of Faculty Affairs from the Senate Obsolete  Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S04-6 [pdf] Constitution Amendment, Adding the VP of Advancement to the Senate Obsolete  Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S04-5 [pdf] Senate By-Law Amendment, By-Law 1.4, Apportionment of Senate Seats Obsolete  Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S04-2 [pdf] Metropolitan University Scholars Experience (MUSE) New Student Seminar Program in Core General Education (GE) Obsolete, Rescinded by S09-4 [pdf], Amended by F08-2 [pdf], Superceded S01-11 [pdf] Obsolete, see S09-4 [pdf]
S04-1 [pdf] Budget Process Changes/Creation of a Resource Planning Board Obsolete, repealed by S05-10 [pdf] Obsolete
F03-4 [pdf] Coordination of External Accreditation with Program Planning Requirements Obsolete, Rescinded by S17-11 [pdf], amended by S96-10 [pdf] Obsolete
F03-1 [pdf] Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the Academic Senate, modifies Constitution, Article II, Section 3b. Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S03-10 [pdf] Lottery Policy repealed by S05-10 [pdf]. Modified S02-1 [pdf] and modified F96-4 [pdf] Obsolete, see S05-10 [pdf]
S03-9 [pdf] By-Law 5.11 Amendment   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S03-7 [pdf] Resolution on Honor Code/Academic Dishonesty Modifies F88-10, ; replaced by S04-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S03-6 [pdf] Smoking Policy Rescinded by S19-1 [pdf], Amended S93-11 [pdf] Obsolete, see S19-1 [pdf]
S03-3 [pdf] Procedures to be Followed when Administering SOTES Replaces F02-3, Rescinds S87-9, S86-2, S98-4; amends S91-9 Rescinded by the SJSU President on March 21, 2006
S03-2 [pdf] Writing Requirements Committee Composition Obsolete, Rescinded by F15-6, [pdf]Amended S95-5 [pdf] Obsolete, see F15-6 [pdf]
F02-4 [pdf] Departmental Voting Rights Rescinded by S17-6 [pdf], Amended S98-2 [pdf] Obsolete, see S17-6 [pdf]
F02-2 [pdf] Adoption of a new student evaluation of teaching effectiveness (SOTE) instrument new SOTE (pdf) (see also F04-1) Obsolete, Rescinded by S18-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see S17-2 [pdf]
F02-1 [pdf] Library Policy Modifications to F98-5, Eating and Drinking in the Library(Note, F98-5 was superceded by S03-5) Obsolete
S02-8 [pdf] Information Technology Resources Responsible use Policy

Rescinded by S16-3 [pdf]

Obsolete, see S16-3 [pdf]
S02-7 [pdf] Administrative Structure and Procedures:  Board of General Studies  Rescinded by F15-13 [pdf], Amended S96-9 [pdf] Obsolete
S02-6 [pdf] Metropolitan University Scholars Experience (MUSE) New Student Seminar Program in Core General Education Rescinded by F18-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S02-5 [pdf] Alcohol Policy Replaced by F10-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S02-4 [pdf] Revising Plagiarism Policy Obsolete, Modifies F88-10 and S98-1, Replaced by S04-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S02-2 [pdf] Food and Drink in the Library Obsolete, Modified SJSU Library Policy F98-5 which was replaced by S03-5, Sec. 3.3.2 and 3.3.7 for Pilot Project Obsolete
S02-1 [pdf] Revisions to the Budget Process at SJSU Obsolete, repealed by S05-10 [pdf], modified by S03-10 [pdf] Obsolete
F01-2 [pdf] Exemption from the Late Drop Policy Obsolete, Replaced by F04-2 [pdf], Modified S99-12 Obsolete
F01-1 [pdf] Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee

Obsolete, Rescinded by S18-15 [pdf]

Modified by S01-2  [pdf], Recinded S96-12 [pdf]

S01-14 [pdf] Foreign Language Classes and GE Rescinded by S14-5 [pdf], Amended S98-11 [pdf] Obsolete
S01-12 [pdf] Amendment to By-Law 9.1 accompanies S01-7 [pdf] Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S01-11 [pdf] Metropolitan University Scholars Experience (MUSE) in Core GE Modifies S98-11 [pdf], (Superceded by S04-2 [pdf]) Obsolete
S01-10 [pdf] Distance Education Courses and Programs Obsolete, replaced by F13-2 [pdf], Amended S97-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S01-8 [pdf] Enlarging Membership of the Budget Advisory Committee Amend By-Law 14.1 Obsolete
S01-7 [pdf] University Information Technology Board S01-12 [pdf] accompanies, Obsolete, rescinded by S05-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S01-4 [pdf] Establishment of an Academic Assessment Committee Rescinded by S07-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S01-2 [pdf] Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee (ADAPC) Rescinded by S18-15 [pdf],Modified by F01-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F00-1 [pdf] Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects: Ethics: IRB Obsolete, rescinded by F08-1, replaced by S08-7, amended F90-4 Obsolete
S00-10 [pdf] Academic Renewal Obsolete, Rescinded by F08-2 [pdf], amended by S04-2 [pdf], and amendedS94-4 [pdf] both also rescinded by F08-2 Obsolete
S00-9 [pdf] Outstanding Professor, President's Scholar, and Distinguished Service Awards replaced by S13-6 [pdf], replaced F99-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S00-8 [pdf] Reporting of Organized Research and Training Units (ORU's) Obsolete, Rescinded by S05-13 [pdf], amends S96-1 Obsolete
S00-4 [pdf] Naming of Colleges, Schools, and other Academic Entities at SJSU Rescinded by S14-4 [pdf], Amended by S07-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S00-3 [pdf] Naming of Campus Facilities and Properties at SJSU Rescinded by S14-4 [pdf] Obsolete
F99-6 [pdf] Appointment and Evaluation Policy for Temporary Faculty Obsolete, replaced by S10-7 [pdf], replaces S88-4 and F89-6 Obsolete
F99-5 [pdf] Implementation of An Annual Distinguished Service Award Obsolete, replaced by S00-9 [pdf] Obsolete
F99-4 [pdf] Student Appointments of the Senate and to Policy Committees Amendment of By-Law 5.5 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F99-1 [pdf] Implementation of Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) and Service Salary Step Increase (SSI) Programs for Unit 3 Faculty Employees Obsolete,replaced by S00-2 Obsolete
S99-12 [pdf] Amendment of the Drop Policy Obsolete, Replaced by F04-2 [pdf], modified by F01-2 Obsolete
S99-7 [pdf] University Library Board By-Law Modification Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S99-6 [pdf] Grading on Skills Courses Obsolete, Replaced by F18-5 [pdf], Amended by S11-5 [pdf], Replaced S90-9 [pdf] and Clarified F88-6 [pdf] Obsolete, see F18-5 [pdf]
S99-5 [pdf] University Library Board Obsolete, modified F98-5 which was replaced by S03-5 Obsolete
S99-3 [pdf] Amendment to University Library Policy Obsolete, F98-5 which was replaced by S03-5 Obsolete
S99-1 [pdf] Staggered Terms for Committees Obsolete, replaced by F16-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F98-5 [pdf] Library Policy for San Jose State University Obsolete,replaced by S03-5, Amended by S99-3 [pdf]S99-5 [pdf] Obsolete
F98-2 [pdf] Selection and Review of Administrators Replaces S80-6, S76-12, S82-6, S73-13 Obsolete, see S06-3 [pdf]
F98-1 [pdf] Special Agencies Obsolete, Modified Senate By-Law 9.1 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S98-13 [pdf] San Jose State University Library Print Collection Evaluation Policy Obsolete, Rescinded by F98-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S98-11 [pdf] General Education Program Guidelines Obsolete, Rescinded by F15-4 [pdf], Rescinded S90-12 [pdf], Amended S97-5 [pdf] Obsolete, see F15-4 [pdf]
S98-9 [pdf] Dissolution of the Information System and Computing Advisory Board and Establishment of a CIO Advisory Board Obsolete, repealed by S00-5 [pdf] Obsolete, see S00-5 [pdf]
S98-7 [pdf] Appointments to Operating Committees Modification of Senate By-Law 5.2 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S98-5 [pdf] Naming of Campus Facilities and Properties at San Jose State University Replaced F82-7; superseded by S00-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S98-4 [pdf] Revision of SOTE and SOLATE Interpretation Guide Obsolete, rescinded by S03-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S98-3 [pdf] Committee on Committees Modify By-Law 4.1 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S98-2 [pdf] Departmental Voting Rights Rescinded by S17-6 [pdf], Modified by F02-4 [pdf] Obsolete, see S17-6 [pdf]
S98-1 [pdf] Recycling Papers and Defining Plagiarism Obsolete,modifies F88-10, Replaced by S04-12 [pdf] Obsolete
F97-11 [pdf] Faculty Loans and Charges for Library Materials Obsolete,Rescinded by F98-5 [pdf] Obsolete
F97-10 [pdf] Representation of Senators on Policy Committees Modifies By-Laws 5.10.1 and 5.12 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F97-9 [pdf] Modify By-Laws 2.25, 5.11 and 12.1   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F97-8 [pdf] Special Agencies Modify By-Law 9.3 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F97-6 [pdf] Policy and Assurance for Humane Care and Use of Animals at San Jose State University Rescinded by F06-4 [pdf]; Supercedes S90-8 Obsolete
F97-5 [pdf] AUTEC: All University Teacher Education Committee Rescinded SM-S97-8, amended S86-3 Obsolete
F97-4 [pdf] Educational Equity Advisory Board Rescinded by S18-13 [pdf], Replaced F87-3 [pdf], S92-1 [pdf], SM-S97-7 [pdf] Obsolete
F97-3 [pdf] Awarding of Performance Salary Step Increases (PSSI) Replaced by Presidential Directive 99-01, rescinded F96-2 and S97-11 Obsolete
S97-11 [pdf] Awarding of Performance Salary Step Increases Obsolete, rescinded by F97-3 which was replaced by Presidential Directive 99-01 Obsolete
S97-9 [pdf] Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion Criteria, Standards and Procedures for Regular Faculty Employees Obsolete, replaced by S98-8 Obsolete
S97-8 [pdf] Student Fairness Committee; Grades and Grade Appeals; Student Grievances; Student Rights Supercedes S84-4, S83-7, S73-25, S71-24; see also EO-792 [pdf](Grading Symbols, Grade Assignment, and Grade Appeals) Obsolete
S97-7 [pdf] Drop Policy and the "W" Symbol Obsolete, replaced by F04-2 Obsolete
S97-6 [pdf] Technology Mediated Instruction; Distance Learning Obsolete, replaced by F13-2 [pdf], amended by S01-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S97-4 [pdf] University Governance Awards; Student Service Obsolete, replaced by F19-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S97-3 [pdf] Senate Membership: Academic Deans, University Librarian, Associate Vice-Presidents Amends by-law 1.11 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S97-2 [pdf] Student Representation on Senate Amends by-law 5.5 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S97-1 [pdf] Scheduling of Registration and Priority Registration Policy Supercedes S92-6 [pdf], S90-11 [pdf], S92-6 [pdf], S89-7 [pdf], F87-8 [pdf], S84-16 [pdf], F70-13 [pdf], S71-30 [pdf], F69-1 [pdf], Amended by F06-5 [pdf] Obsolete, Rescinded byF09-1 [pdf], Effective Fall 2010
F96-12 [pdf] Execmptions to the Physical Education Requirements Obsolete, Amended S73-5 [pdf], Rescinded by S14-11 [pdf] Obsolete
F96-11 [pdf] Academic Standards; Probation; Disqualification Will be replaced by S10-6 [pdf] effective Fall 2011, Replaces S73-20 [pdf]as amended by S75-3 [pdf]S84-11 [pdf]S83-6 [pdf]S85-1 [pdf] Will be obsolete, Effective Fall 2011
F96-7 [pdf] Emeritus Faculty (AS 974) Rescinded by F14-2 [pdf], Amended F92-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F96-5 [pdf] Codification and revision of Student Honors; Honors at Entrance; Honor Roll; Latin Honors at Graduation; Departmental Honors Replaced S65-24 [pdf], F86-5 [pdf], S93-6 [pdf], S66-7 [pdf], F85-9 [pdf], S86-7 [pdf] Obsolete
F96-4 [pdf] Budget Process at San José State University Obsolete, repealed by S05-10 [pdf], modified by S03-10 [pdf] Obsolete
F96-3 [pdf] Constitutional Amendments: Student Representation on Senate; Eligibility to become Senate Officers   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F96-2 [pdf] PSSI Obsolete, Rescinds F95-2, [pdf] Rescinded by S97-11 [pdf] Obsolete
S96-13 [pdf] Representation of College of Social Work on Senate Policy Committees   Obsolete
S96-12 [pdf] Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee Obsolete, replaced by S01-2 [pdf] as modified by F01-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S96-10 [pdf] Program Planning Process Obsolete, Rescinded by S17-11 [pdf], amended by S94-2 [pdf] and F03-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S96-9 [pdf] SJSU General Education Program (GE):  Board of General Studies (BOGS).  This policy resulted in the adoption of S98-11 [pdf]. Rescinded by F15-13 [pdf], Amended by S02-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S96-7 [pdf] Sabbatical Policy Obsolete, replaced by F08-4 [pdf], rescinded S92-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S96-6 [pdf] Senate Secretary's Functions Amend By-Laws 2.1, 2.4, 3.1, 3.4; Amended by F96-1 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S96-5 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Rescinded by S08-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S96-4 [pdf] Election of Policy Committee Chairs By-Law Amendments 2.2-2.4 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S96-1 [pdf] Policies and Procedures for Organized Research and Training, Institutes; Centers; Museums; Naming; Review Obsolete, Amended by S00-8 [pdf] Obsolete
F95-2 [pdf] Performance Salary Step Increases for Unit 3 Employees Obsolete, Rescinded by F96-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S95-9 [pdf] Conflict of Interest Policy for Principal Investigators Obsolete, See S99-11 [pdf] Obsolete
S95-7 [pdf] By-Law 14 Amendment (Lottery Committee) Committee abolished by S01-9 [pdf] Obsolete
S95-6 [pdf] By-Law 12 Amendment (Faculty appointed to Instructionally related Activities Committee)   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S95-5 [pdf] Competency in Written Communication; Written Skills Test; Writing Requirements Committee; Board of General Studies Obsolete, Rescinded by S19-3 [pdf], Amended by F15-6 [pdf], S11-5 [pdf], and S03-2 [pdf] Obsolete, see S19-3 [pdf]
S95-3 [pdf] Lottery Committee (committee abolished by S01-9) Obsolete, replaced S87-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S95-2 [pdf] Change Title of Academic Vice President to Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs   Returned unsigned
S95-1 [pdf] By Law 13.1 Amendment, Editorial Changes   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F94-5 [pdf] Courses repeated for Academic Credit Obsolete, replaced by F08-2 [pdf] Obsolete, see F08-2 [pdf]
F94-4 [pdf] By-Law 1.1 Amendment Amended by S96-13 [pdf] Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F94-2 [pdf] By-Law 1.3 Amendment, Election of Faculty Representatives: General Unit   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S94-10 [pdf] Delete MPP from General Unit Amend By_Law 1.2 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S94-9 [pdf] CSU Senate Vacancies Amend By_Law 11.1 Obsolete
S94-8 [pdf] Policy on Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity;Grants; Academic Freedom Obsolete, replaced by S18-5 [pdf], replaced S89-12 [pdf] and S90-2 [pdf], Amended by S14-10 [pdf] Obsolete, see  S18-5 [pdf]
S94-7 [pdf] Competency in Written English for Graduate Students

Obsolete, Rescinded by S19-3 [pdf], Replaced S87-7 [pdf]

Obsolete, see S19-3 [pdf]
S94-6 [pdf] ARTP Obsolete, Supplements F94-3 [pdf] for librarians; Amended by S97-9 [pdf]; Rescinded by S98-8 [pdf]; Replaces F89-1 [pdf] and F90-3 [pdf] Obsolete, see S98-8 [pdf]
S94-4 [pdf] Academic Renewal; Repeating Courses; Grades Rescinded by F08-2 [pdf], amended by S00-10 [pdf] also rescinded by F08-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S94-3 [pdf] Conflicts of Interest Obsolete,  (Note:  S99-8 [pdf] calls for the creation of two new policies to replace S93-12 [pdf] and S94-3 [pdf] [pdf] Obsolete
S94-2 [pdf] Organization of the Program Planning Process at SJSU Obsolete, Rescinded by S17-11 [pdf], amended by S96-10 [pdf] Obsolete
F93-2 [pdf] Financial Reports to the Senate Obsolete, Replaced by F96-4 [pdf] Obsolete
F93-1 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Rescinded by S08-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-17 [pdf] Budget Advisory Committee Obsolete, repealed by S05-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-16 [pdf] No Write-In Votes By-Law 1 amendment Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S93-15 [pdf] Faculty Appts to Off-Campus/Presidential Bodies By-Law 12 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S93-13 [pdf] Change of Program Obsolete, Replaced by S97-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-12 [pdf] Academic Freedom and Prof. Resp. Ethics; Conflict of Interest; Principal Investigator

Obsolete, Amended by S99-10  [pdf] (Note:  S99-8 [pdf] calls for the creation of two new policies to replace S93-12 [pdf] and S94-3 [pdf])

S93-11 [pdf] Campus Smoking Policy Rescinded by S19-1, Amended by S03-6 [pdf] Obsolete see S19-1 [pdf]
S93-10 [pdf] One Week Drop Period/Two Week Add Period Obsolete, Replaced by S97-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-8 [pdf] Special Agencies: Policy Review and Reports, Obsolete, Rescinded by F97-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-7 [pdf] Adding Classes after Touchtone Registration and on the First Day of Classes Obsolete, Rescinded by F20-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-6 [pdf] Designation/Requirements for Graduation Honors Obsolete, Replaced by F96-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-4 [pdf] Appts to Off-Campus/Presidential Bodies (By-Law 12) Returned unsigned by President Obsolete
S93-3 [pdf] Senator-at-Large Position on Executive Comm by-law 2 and 3 amendments Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S93-2 [pdf] General Education—Board of General Studies Supplement to G.E. (pdf) [pdf] Obsolete, Rescinded by S96-9 [pdf] Obsolete
S93-1 [pdf] Planned Student Leaves; Absence Obsolete, Rescinded by S15-3 [pdf], rescinded F73-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F92-6 [pdf] Emeritus Faculty Rescinded by F14-2, [pdf] Amended by F96-7 [pdf] Obsolete
F92-4 [pdf] Special Agencies Amends by-law 9 Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F92-3 [pdf] Copyright; Intellectual Property Obsolete, replaced by F98-3 [pdf] Obsolete
F92-2 [pdf] Review of Lottery Fund Proposals Obsolete Obsolete
S92-13 [pdf] Patent Policy San José State University; Intellectual Property Obsolete, replaced byF98-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S92-10 [pdf] Budget Review Committee Replaced S86-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S92-9 [pdf] Change of Title "Department to School" Obsolete, See S07-1 [pdf] and S00-4 [pdf], Amended by F92-5 Obsolete
S92-8 [pdf] Sabbatical Policy Obsolete, Replaces S91-3 [pdf], Repeals By-Law 5.12; Rescinded by S96-7,Amendedby F96-1; Superseded by F97-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S92-7 [pdf] Amend By-Law 7.1, 4.4   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S92-6 [pdf] Priority Registration Obsolete, Modifies S90-11—which superseded S89-7 which superseded S84-16 and F87-8—and then was Replaced byS97-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S92-5 [pdf] Direct Instuctional Obligations Obsolete, Superseded by S96-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S92-4 [pdf] Post Tenure Review Obsolete, Superseded by S97-7 and further clarified by S98-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S92-1 [pdf] Educational Equity Advisory Board Obsolete, replaced by F97-4 [pdf] Obsolete
F91-5 [pdf] Patent Policy Amended by S92-13; both policies replaced by F98-3 [pdf] Obsolete
F91-4 [pdf] Guidelines for Teaching Associates Replaced by S98-10 which was Modified by S99-2 [pdf] Obsolete
F91-3 [pdf] Master's Degrees; Units Obsolete, replaced by S13-8 [pdf] Obsolete, see S13-8 [pdf]
F91-2 [pdf] Editorial Changes—Senate Documents By-Law 13.1 Amended by S95-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F91-1 [pdf] Budget Reporting by the Colleges Obsolete, replaced S83-1 Obsolete
S91-9 [pdf] Evaluation of Effectiveness in Teaching for All Faculty Obsolete, replaced by F12-6 [pdf], replaced S79-9 [pdf], Amended S03-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S91-8 [pdf] Alcohol and Other Drug Policy—see S02-5 See S02-5 and PD 90-02 Obsolete
S91-7 [pdf] Campus Planning Board Rescinded by S08-4 Obsolete
S91-4 [pdf] Library Users' Rights and Responsibilities; Discipline Obsolete, Rescinded by F98-5 [pdf] and Replaced by S99-2 Obsolete
S91-1 [pdf] Campus Climate: Toward Appreciating Diversity; Academic Freedom; Speech; Discrimination; Harassment Obsolete, Replaced by S01-13 [pdf] Obsolete
F90-4 [pdf] Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects Obsolete, Replaced by S08-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-13 [pdf] At-Large Committee Appoints; Vacancies Obsolete, Rescinded by  S18-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-12 [pdf] At-large Committee Appointments; Vacancies Rescinded by S98-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-11 [pdf] Priority Registration Obsolete, (Modifed by S92-6 [pdf] and then Replaced by S97-1 [pdf]S90-11 [pdf]supersedes S89-7 [pdf]which superseded S84-16 [pdf] and F87-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-9 [pdf] Minimum Grades to Fulfill ELM and KEPT Requirement Rescinded Obsolete
S90-8 [pdf] Policy and Assurance for Humane Care and use of Animals; Ethics; Research Obsolete, Superseded by F97-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-5 [pdf] Student Rights and Responsibilities; Ethics; Student Government; Privacy; Equal Opportunity; Freedom of Association and Organization; Freedom of Expression; Discipline; Grievance

Obsolete, Rescinded by S16-15 [pdf]

Amended by S98-6 [pdf]

Replaced F70-11 [pdf]

S90-4 [pdf] Selection and Review of Department Chairs (Teaching Faculty); Appointment Obsolete, Superseded by F10-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-2 [pdf] University Foundation Research Grants Obsolete, replaced by S94-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S90-1 [pdf] Departmental Voting Rights Obsolete, Superseded by S98-2 [pdf] Obsolete
F89-6 [pdf] Appointment of Adjunct Professors Obsolete, Replaced by F99-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S89-15 [pdf] Non-discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity, and, Affirmative Action for Faculty

Obsolete, Rescinded by S10-1 [pdf], Replaced F86-6, and S80-8

S89-6 [pdf] Guidelines for Interpretation of Student Evaluatioraduate Credit ns Obsolete, Replaced by F12-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S89-2 [pdf] Graduate Credit for Undergraduates Obsolete, Replaced by S20-3 [pdf] Obsolete, see S20-3 [pdf]
F88-10 [pdf] Academic Dishonesty; Cheating, Plagiarism, Sanctions Modified by S03-7 [pdf], S02-4 [pdf], and S98-1 [pdf], Replaced F87-4 Obsolete, see S07-2 [pdf]
F88-6 [pdf] Non-Traditional Grading; Credit/No Credit (Pass/Fail) Obsolete, Replaced by F18-5 [pdf], Clarified by S99-6 [pdf], replaced  S73-12 [pdf] Obsolete, see F18-5 [pdf]
F88-5 [pdf] Continuing Education Committee Obsolete, rescinded by S18-3 [pdf] Obsolete
F88-1 [pdf] Sabbatical Leave Committee: Nominations and Elections Obsolete, Replaced by S04-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-12 [pdf] By-Law Amendment, Article II   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S88-11 [pdf] Library Confidentiality of Patron Records Rescinded byF98-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-10 [pdf] By-Law Amendment (1.2)   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
S88-9 [pdf] Endorse AAUP Statement of Profesional Ethics Supersedes S67-10 [pdf]; Superseded by S93-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-8 [pdf] Social Work By-Law Amendment (1.1) Obsolete
S88-7 [pdf] Conditional Admissions Rescinded by F17-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-6 [pdf] Appointments to Off-Campus Bodies Amended by S99-6 [pdf], S95-6 [pdf]; Rescinded by F97-9 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-5 [pdf] Rating Scale:  Student Opinion of Laboratory or Activity Teaching Effectiveness Obsolete, rescinded by S18-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see S17-2 [pdf]
S88-4 [pdf] Appointment and Evaluation Policy for Temporary Teaching Faculty Replaced by F99-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-2 [pdf] Policies and Procedures for Organized Research and Training Units at SJSU Obsolete, Rescinds S68-4; Superseded by S96-1 [pdf] Obsolete
S88-1 [pdf] Health Leave Policy Obsolete, Rescinded by S15-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S87-6 [pdf] Graduate Thesis Committee Membership  Obsolete, Rescinded by S14-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S87-1 [pdf] Scheduling Practices Obsolete, Rescinded by F98-4 [pdf] Obsolete
F87-3 [pdf] Educational Equity Advisory Board Obsolete, Replaced by F97-4 [pdf] Obsolete
F86-7 [pdf] Information Systems and Computing Advisory Board Obsolete, Amended S82-10 [pdf] obsolete
S86-7 [pdf] Honors at Entrance Obsolete, Rescinded F81-9 [pdf] obsolete
S86-3 [pdf] All University Teacher Education Committee (AUTEC) Obsolete, Rescinded by SM-S12-1 [pdf], Amended by SM-F06-4 [pdf], and F97-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S86-2 [pdf] Rating Scale: Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness Obsolete, Rescinded by S03-3 [pdf] Obsolete
F85-8 [pdf] Performance Evaluation Procedures for Employees in Unit 4, Academic Support Obsolete, Rescinded by F19-2 [pdf] Obsolete, see F19-2 [pdf]
F85-2 [pdf] Faculty Loan Period (Library) Obsolete, Replaced by F97-11 [pdf] which was rescinded by F98-5 [pdf], which was replaced by S03-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S84-1 [pdf] Computation of Seniority Points for Unpaid Leave for Layoff Purposes Obsolete, Replaced by S79-11 [pdf] Obsolete
F83-5 [pdf] Advanced Standing by Examination Amended F73-8 [pdf], Rescinded by S24-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see S24-1 [pdf]
S83-15 [pdf] Plus/Minus Grading System Obsolete, Replaced by F18-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S83-12 [pdf] Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness:  Prohibition on Reporting with Percentiles Obsolete, Replaced by F12-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F83-10 [pdf] Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination; Sanctions, Probation Obsolete, Replaced by S18-9 [pdf] Obsolete
F83-2 [pdf] Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness:  Written (Open-ended) responses mandated Obsolete  Obsolete
F82-7 [pdf] Naming of Campus Facilities Obsolete, replaced by S98-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S82-10 [pdf] Information Systems and Computing Advisory Board Obsolete, Amended by F86-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S82-6 [pdf] Selection and Review of Academic Administrators Obsolete, Repealed by F98-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S81-5 [pdf] Division of the Library Collection Obsolete, Repealed by F98-5 [pdf] which was replaced by S03-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S80-9 [pdf] Resource Analysis required for Curricular Proposals Obsolete, Rescinded by S18-10 [pdf] Obsolete
S80-6 [pdf] Library Director: Selection and Review Obsolete, Repealed by F98-2 [pdf] Obsolete
F79-4 [pdf] Athletics Board Obsolete, Replaced by S08-2 [pdf], See F07-2 [pdf], Replaced S76-11 [pdf], S69-23 [pdf], F82-3 [pdf], amended by F83-4 [pdf] and F87-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S79-12 [pdf] Termination of Programs Obsolete, amended by S79-12 [pdf], F79-2 [pdf], F79-3 [pdf], F83-3 [pdf]; Replaced by S99-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S79-3 [pdf] Green Sheets (Syllabi) Obsolete, (You should also look at S04-12 [pdf]for an additional item to be included on a greensheet.) replaced S76-7 [pdf] Obsolete
F78-3 [pdf] Disregarding Past Work in Computation of Graduation GPA Obsolete, Rescinded by F08-2 [pdf], Replaced S73-17 [pdf] Obsolete
S78-10 [pdf] Student Equal Employment Opportunity; Discrimination Obsolete, Rescinded by S04-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S76-12 [pdf] School (College) Deans; Responsibilities and Selection Obsolete, Repealed by F98-2 [pdf] Obsolete
F75-6 [pdf] Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirement for Resident Alien Students

Obsolete, Rescinded by S20-1 [pdf]

S75-12 [pdf] Max Unit Load during Inter-Session; Summer Session; Credit Hours Obsolete, Rescinded by S19-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S75-4 [pdf] Minimum Units for a Minor Obsolete, Rescinded by S16-4 [pdf] Obsolete
S74-1 [pdf] Administrative Reorganization of Selected Agencies Obsolete, Rescinded by S20-5 [pdf] Obsolete, see S20-5 [pdf]
F73-23 [pdf] Minimum Percentage of Courses with Letter Grades Required for Master's Program; Graduate Education Obsolete, Rescinded by F18-5, Amendment A [pdf] Obsolete
F73-8 [pdf] Advanced Standing by Exam Amended by F83-5 [pdf] and F15-5 [pdf], Rescinded by S24-1 [pdf] Obsolete, see S24-1 [pdf]
S73-28 [pdf] Change of Grade Rescinded by S09-7 [pdf], Amended by S73-16 [pdf] Obsolete, see S09-7 [pdf]
S73-25 [pdf] Student Grievance Code Obsolete, Superseded by S97-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-24 [pdf] Computing the GPA for "CR" Grades given in Graduate Courses Obsolete, Superseded by F18-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-23 [pdf] Minimum Percentage of Courses with Letter Grades Required for Master's Program; Graduate Education Obsolete, Rescinded by F18-5, Amendment A [pdf] Obsolete, see F18-5 [pdf]
S73-21 [pdf] Registration Rescinded by S20-6 [pdf], Amends F70-13 [pdf], and F70-12 [pdf] Obsolete, see S20-6 [pdf]
S73-20 [pdf] Policy on academic Standards Obsolete, Replaced by Replaced by F96-11, [pdf] F96-11 [pdf] amended by S75-3, S84-11, S83-6, and S85-1 Obsolete
S73-19 [pdf] Faculty Personnel Records:  Confidentiality, Access Rescinded by S12-2 [pdf], Replaced S68-20 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-17 [pdf] Policy on Petitions for Retroactive Withdrawal Obsolete, replaced by F78-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-16 [pdf] Policy on Change of Grades Rescinded by S09-7 [pdf], Amended by S73-28 [pdf] Obsolete, see S09-7 [pdf]
S73-15 [pdf] Withdrawal from the University Rescinded by S09-7 [pdf] Obsolete, see S09-7 [pdf]
S73-14 [pdf] Policy regarding change of program Rescinded by S09-7 [pdf], replaced S71-13 [pdf] Obsolete, see S09-7 [pdf]
S73-13 [pdf] Faculty Review of College (School) Deans Obsolete, Repealed by F98-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-12 [pdf] Policy on Non-Traditional Grading Obsolete, replaced by F88-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-10 [pdf] Admission of Disqualified Students to Extension Courses Obsolete, rescinded by F18-2 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-8 [pdf] Resolution on "Tower List" Obsolete, replaced by F12-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-5 [pdf] All University Requirements (Written, Oral, and Physical Requirements) Obsolete, rescinded by S14-11 [pdf] Obsolete
S73-1 [pdf] Policy on Research Involving Human Subjects Obsolete, Superseded by S79-18 [pdf]F90-4 [pdf], S93-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F72-7 [pdf] Amendment to By-Law 2.2 Replaced by F05-1 [pdf], Amended by F96-6 [pdf] Obsolete; see F05-1 [pdf]
F72-6 [pdf] Parking (Parking Committee Abolished and Replaced by Parking Advisory Board)   Obsolete
F72-4 [pdf] Change in By-Law 2.4 Amended by S96-4 [pdf] Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F72-2 [pdf] Change in By-Law 1.8   Obsolete; see F05-1 [pdf]
F72-1 [pdf] Athletics Board Composition Obsolete, rescinded by S18-2 [pdf] Obsolete; see S17-2 [pdf]
S72-22 [pdf] Student Loans Obsolete, rescinded by S22-4 [pdf]


see S22-4 [pdf]

F71-14 [pdf] Acting Appointments:  Vice Presidents or Deans Obsolete, rescinded by S18-7 [pdf] Obsolete; see S18-7 [pdf]
S71-1 [pdf] By-Law Change 2.7 a,b,c,and d.—change in Charge of Committee on Committees   Obsolete, see F05-1 [pdf]
F70-15 [pdf] Grades, Incompletes: amended F68-22 Obsolete; superceded by EO 171, then EO 268, and now EO 792. [pdf] Obsolete
F70-13 [pdf] Registration privileges for EOP Students Obsolete; Rescinded by S20-6 [pdf] Obsolete, see S20-6 [pdf]
F70-12 [pdf] Registration Privileges and Procedures Obsolete; Rescinded by S20-6 [pdf] Obsolete, see S20-6 [pdf]
F70-11 [pdf] Student Rights and Responsibilities Obsolete; amendment to S68-27, [pdf] replaced by S90-5 [pdf] Obsolete
F70-9 [pdf] Academic Planning Calendar for 1970-71   Obsolete
F70-8 [pdf] Revisions to Liaison Committee Charge   Obsolete
F70-7 [pdf] Delay in Implementation of Five-Year Projections   Obsolete
F70-2 [pdf] Liaison Committee Formation Amendments to F68-28   Obsolete
F69-24 [pdf] Class Attendance  Obsolete, Rescinded by F15-12 [pdf] Obsolete
S69-3 [pdf] Minority Representation on College Decision Making Bodies; Affirmative Action; Equal Opportunity Obsolete, Repealed by S01-13 [pdf] Obsolete
S69-2 [pdf] Hiring Minority Faculty; Affirmative Action; Equal Opportunity Obsolete, Repealed by S01-13 [pdf] Obsolete
F68-24 [pdf] Guidelines for Experimental Undergraduate Courses 96/196

Obsolete, Replaced by S23-1 [pdf]


F68-18 [pdf] Student Rights to Timely Explanations of Grades Obsolete, Replaced by F13-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F68-8 [pdf] Religious Holidays Obsolete, Replaced by S14-7 [pdf] Obsolete
S68-18 [pdf] Special Majors Obsolete, Replaced by S21-3 [pdf] Obsolete
S68-6 [pdf] Faculty Office Hours Obsolete, Replaced by S12-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F67-11 [pdf] Graduate Experimental Courses; Individual Study Obsolete, Replaced by S23-1 [pdf] Obsolete
F67-9 [pdf] Holding of Interviews and Recruitment on Campus; Equal Opportunity Discrimination Obsolete, Replaced by S01-13 [pdf] Obsolete
S67-10 [pdf] Professional Ethics Superseded by S88-9 [pdf]which was then superseded by S93-12 [pdf] Obsolete
F66-8 [pdf] Calendar for Preparation of General Catalog, 1967-68   Obsolete
F66-7 [pdf] Promotional Procedures Obsolete, Replaced by F96-5 [pdf] Obsolete
F66-6 [pdf] Rights of Faculty Members on Leave to Participate in Department Affairs Obsoleted, Rescinded by S17-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F66-5 [pdf] Changes in Promotional Procedures for One Year Trial Period   Obsolete
F66-4 [pdf] Minimum Frequency of Course Offerings Enrollment-Staffing Standards Obsolete, Superseded by S00-6 [pdf] Obsolete
F66-3 [pdf] Minimum Enrollments for Courses Obsolete, replaced by S00-6 [pdf] Obsolete
S66-14 [pdf] Call for student involvement in curriculum planning for 1966-67   Obsolete
S66-13 [pdf] Request for Budget Analyst to study workload and staffing of clerical and secretarial positions   Obsolete
S66-11 [pdf] College Reports to Selective Service Boards Obsolete, replaced by S18-8 [pdf] Obsolete
S66-6 [pdf] Grades —Abolition of Administrative "F" Obsolete, Superceded by EO 792 [pdf] Obsolete
S66-3 [pdf] Late drop—petition form   Obsolete
F65-10 [pdf] Late Drop or Change in Study List: revision   Obsolete
S65-27 [pdf] Honorary Doctorate Degrees   Obsolete
S65-24 [pdf] Departmental Honors at Graduation Replaced by F96-5 [pdf] Obsolete
S65-14 [pdf] Swimming requirement, exception to rule for some transfer women   Obsolete
S65-13 Organization of Six Schools   Obsolete
S65-12 [pdf] Summer Session Schedule for 1965   Obsolete
S65-10 [pdf] Admissions for 1965-66 be limited to proper staff facilities.   Obsolete