Bylaws and Constitution

Policy No Subject Supersedes/
S20-8 [pdf] Rescinding policies related to Senate bylaws

Rescinds F05-1 [pdf], S06-2 [pdf], F06-6 [pdf], S07-5 [pdf],
F07-1 [pdf], S08-5 [pdf], F08-3 [pdf]

SM-S19-3 [pdf] Modification of Bylaw 1.10

Amends bylaw 1.10 [pdf]

SM-S19-2 [pdf] Amendment of Bylaw 15a; Editorial Changes - Senate Documents

Amends bylaw 15a [pdf]

SM-S19-1 [pdf] Charge and Membership of Senate Policy Committees

Amends bylaws 4 and 5 [pdf] and policy committee charges and membership

SM-S18-1 [pdf] Standing Rule 6 Amendment


SM-S95-2 [pdf]

F16-6 [pdf] Modification of Senate Bylaw 4.1 Pertaining to Senate Executive Committee Membership Amends Senate Bylaw 4.1 [pdf]  
F16-5 [pdf] Modification of the Senate Constitution Related to Membership Amends Article II, Section 2 of the Senate Constitution [pdf]  
F16-3 [pdf] Modification of Bylaw 15c Pertaining to Editorial Changes in Policies and Senate Management Resolutions Bylaw 15c [pdf]  
F16-2 [pdf] Modification of Senate Bylaw 6.13:  Conversion of College Seats to At-Large Seats Amends Bylaw 6.13 [pdf]  
S16-11 [pdf] Committee Obligations and Senate Membership (modification of bylaw 6) Amends Bylaw 6 [pdf]  
S16-10 [pdf] Special Agencies (Modification of Bylaw 10) Amends Bylaw 10 [pdf]  
S16-7 [pdf] Expansion of Senate Bylaw 15 - Updating Senate Documents Amends Bylaw 15 [pdf]  
S16-6 [pdf] Committee Obligations and Senate Membership (modifies Senate bylaw 1.6.2) Amends Bylaw 1.6.2 [pdf]  
S09-6 [pdf] Strategic Planning Policy Rescinds F04-3 [pdf] and S07-3 [pdf], Amends bylaw 10.1 [pdf] Effective August 20, 2009
S09-3 [pdf] Senate Elections Amends bylaws 1.5 and 1.6 [pdf]  
F08-5 [pdf] Creates new Bylaw 16 Creates new Bylaw 16  [pdf]  
F07-5 [pdf] Voting Privileges for Faculty Assigned to More than one Representative Unit Replaces bylaw 1.7 [pdf]  
SM-F06-5 [pdf] Deletion of Standing Rule 17 Deletes Standing Rule 17  
S06-8 [pdf] By-Law Amendment Special Agencies&mdashpNomination of Faculty at large Amends By-Law 10.3a [pdf]  
S05-11 [pdf] Modification to Senate By-Laws, External Relations Added to Executive Committee Duties    
S05-7 [pdf] Modification to Senate By-Laws, Clarification of the General Unit    
S05-6 [pdf] By-Law Amendment, Modification to Role of Senate Secretary and Senate Administrative Analyst    
SM-S05-5 [pdf] Modification to Role of Senate Secretary and Senate Administrative Analyst    
S04-10 [pdf] Provisions for Filling Student Vacancies on the Senate Policy and Operating Committees when the Associated Students Inc. has not been able to do so Amendment to bylaws 5.5, 5.5.1, and 5.5.2 [pdf]  
S04-8 [pdf] Amendment to the By-Laws Adding the VP for Advancement to the Executive Committee    
S04-7 [pdf] Amendment to Constitution Removing the VP for Faculty Affairs from the Senate    
S04-6 [pdf] Amendment to Constitution Adding the VP for Advancement to the Senate    
S04-5 [pdf] Apportionment of Senate Seats By-Law 1.4 Amendment [pdf]  
F03-1 [pdf] Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the Academic Senate    
S03-9 [pdf] By-Law 15.11 Amendment    
S01-12 [pdf] Amendment to By-Law 9.1 (Accompanies S01-7)    
S01-8 [pdf] Enlarging membership of BAC Amends By-Law 14.1 [pdf]  
F99-4 [pdf] Student Appts. to Senate Committees Amends By-Law 5.5  
S99-7 [pdf] University Library Board By-Law Modification [pdf]  
F98-1 [pdf] Special Agencies Modify Senate By-Law 9.1 [pdf]  
S98-7 [pdf] Appointments to Operating Committees Modification of Senate By-Law 5.2 [pdf]  
S98-3 [pdf] Committee on Committees Modify By-Law 4.1 [pdf]  
F97-10 [pdf] Representatives on Senate Committees Modify By-Law 5.10.1 and 5.12 [pdf]  
F97-9 [pdf] Modify By-Laws 2.25, 5.11, and 12.1    
F97-8 [pdf] Special Agencies Modify By-Law 9.3 [pdf]  
F96-3 [pdf] Students Reps on Senate, Eligibility to become Senate Officers Constitutional Amendment [pdf]  
F96-1 [pdf] Amend By-Laws/Standing Rules Amends S96-9; S95.12-B, C and 7.1, SR 11 & 17  
S95-7 [pdf] By-Law 14 Amendment    
S95-6 [pdf] By-Law 12 Amendment    
S95-1 [pdf] By-Law 13.1, Amendment Editorial Changes    
F94-4 [pdf] By-Law 1.1 Amendment    
F94-2 [pdf] Election of Faculty Reps General Unit By-Law 1.3 Amendment [pdf]  
S94-10 [pdf] Delete MPP from General Unit Amend By-Law 1.2 [pdf]  
S94-9 [pdf] CSU Senate Vacancies Amendment By-Law 11.1 [pdf]  
S93-15 [pdf] Faculty Appts to Off Campus/Presidential Bodies By-Law 12 [pdf]  
S92-7 [pdf] Amend By-Law 7.1, 4.4    
S88-12 [pdf] Constitution and By-Law Amendments    
S88-10 [pdf] By-Law Amendment 1.2    
S88-8 [pdf] Social Work By Law Amendment 1.1 [pdf]  
F72-4 [pdf] By-Law Change in By-Law 2.4 [pdf]  
F72-2 [pdf] By-Law Change in By-Law 1.8 [pdf]  
S71-1 [pdf] By-Law By-Law Change 2.7 a,b,c,d [pdf]