Meeting Materials


Senate Meeting

December 5, 2022, 2-5 p.m., via Zoom

Chair - Dr. Alison McKee

If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact the Chair ( or the Senate Administrator ( for the password.  

Senate Agenda

Senate Minutes

•   Senate Minutes of November 7, 2022 [pdf]

Executive Committee Minutes

 Executive Committee Minutes of October 31, 2022 [pdf]

Consent Calendar

•  Consent Calendar of December 5, 2022 [pdf]

Chair of C&R Election

•  Statement from Hiu Yung Wong  [pdf]


AS 1832, Senate Management Resolution, Update to the Standing Rules of the Academic Senate (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1836, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to University Policy S16-17, Academic Certificate Programs: Review and Approval Process (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1839, Amendment D to University Policy F12-6, Evaluation in Effectiveness in Teaching for all Faculty (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1840, Amendment A to University Policy F17-3, Selection and Review of Department Chairs and Directors (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1841, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to University Policy S22-2, Student Excused Absences (Final Reading) [pdf]

AS 1842, Sense of the Senate Resolution, In Opposition to the Exclusion of Faculty Early Retirement Program Faculty From Pandemic Compensation (Final Reading) [pdf]