Policy No Subject Supersedes/

F17-3 [pdf]

Selection and Review of Department Chairs and Directors

Amendment A to S17-3 [pdf]

Supersedes S14-8 [pdf]

Effective Immediately

S09-3 [pdf]

Senate Elections 

 Amends bylaw 1.5 and 1.6


F07-1 [pdf]

Senate Vacancies

Replaces bylaw 1.6


S02-7 [pdf]

Administrative Structure and Procedures, Board of General Studies

Amends S96-9 [pdf]


S99-9 [pdf]

Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility

Amends S94-5 [pdf] and F95-1 [pdf]


F96-6 [pdf]

Election of Senate Officers, Option of Second Term for Senate Chair

Amended by F97-9 [pdf], F72-7 [pdf], F74-2 [pdf], S83-11 [pdf]


F96-3 [pdf]

Constitutional Amendment Student Representatives on Senate not Eligible to become Senate Officers



S95-8 [pdf]

Selection of Faculty Representatives for the Advisory Committee to the Trustees for the Selection of the President

Amends S94-1 [pdf] and S95-8 [pdf]


S86-1 [pdf]

Procedures for Nomination of Faculty Trustee Candidates



S83-5 [pdf]

Senate Election Challenge Policy