Curriculum Policies

Policy No Subject Supersedes/

S24-1 [pdf]

Credit for Prior Learning

Rescinds F15-5 [pdf], F15-11, [pdf] F73-8 [pdf], and F83-5 [pdf]


S22-5 [pdf]

Adoption of Guidelines for GE, AI, and the GWAR

Rescinds University Policy S14-5 [pdf]

Supersedes 2014 GE Guidelines [pdf]


S22-3 [pdf]

Accessibility in Curricular Materials

Resinds S08-3 [pdf]  

F19-1 [pdf]

Combined Bachelor's and Master's Programs


S19-7 [pdf]

Credit Hours and Maximum Unit Load during Summer and Intersession

Rescinds S75-12 [pdf]  

F18-1 [pdf]

Metropolitan University Scholars experience (MUSE) new STudent Seminar Program in Core General Education 

Rescinds S02-6 [pdf]  

S18-9 [pdf]

Rescinds F83-10, Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination; Sanctions; Probation

Rescinds F83-10 [pdf]  

S17-12 [pdf]

SJSU Graduate and Undergraduate University Learning Goals

Rescinds and Replaces S13-2 [pdf]  

S17-11 [pdf]

Organization of the Program Planning Process at SJSU

Rescinds and Replaces S94-2 [pdf], S96-10 [pdf], and F03-4 [pdf]  

S17-7 [pdf]

Graduate Course Revalidation


S17-5 [pdf]

Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students

Rescinds F11-2 [pdf]  

S16-9 [pdf]

Course Syllabi

Rescinds F06-2 [pdf]and S12-3 [pdf]  

S16-4 [pdf]

Minimum Criteria for Undergraduate Minors

Rescinds S75-4 [pdf] These criteria will apply to all minor programs by Fall 2018.

S14-11 [pdf]

Physical Education Requirement

Amends S13-3, [pdf] Rescinds S73-5 [pdf] and F96-12 [pdf]

S14-9 [pdf]

Guidelines for Concentrations


Effective Fall 2014

S13-10 [pdf]

Modify the Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates



S13-9 [pdf]

Merging, Dividing, Transferring, Eliminating Academic Units

Amends S06-7 [pdf]


S13-3 [pdf]

Temporary Accomodation for Degree Programs Reducing to 120 Units

 Amended by S14-11 [pdf]


S12-5 [pdf]

Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates 

Amended by S13-10 [pdf]


S11-5 [pdf]

ABC/NC Grading

Amends S10-2 [pdf], S09-7 [pdf], S99-6 [pdf], S95-5 [pdf], section F


S10-2 [pdf]

Removal of Mandated ABC/NC Grading for English 1A and 1B

Amended by S11-5 [pdf], Amends S99-6 [pdf], S95-5 [pdf], Section F, and F88-6 [pdf]


S09-7 [pdf]

Grading Symbols, Drop and Withdrawal, Retro Drop and Withdrawal, Assignment of Grades, Grade Appeals, Change of Grade and Integrity of Academic Record

Amended by Amendment B to S09-7 (S11-5) [pdf], Amendment A to S09-7 (F10-3) [pdf] and Rescinds S73-14 [pdf], S73-15 [pdf], S73-16 [pdf], S73-28 [pdf], and Amends S07-6 [pdf]



F08-2 [pdf]

Repetition of Courses, Academic Renewal

Amends S04-2 [pdf], Rescinds F78-3 [pdf], S94-4 [pdf], S00-10 [pdf], and F94-5 [pdf]  

S08-3 [pdf]

Incorporating Accessibility into the Curriculum Review Process


S04-3 [pdf]

Substantive Change


S02-3 [pdf]

Policies and Procedures for Designating Service Learning Courses


S01-5 [pdf]

120 Unit Requirement for the Baccalaureate Degree

S00-6 [pdf] Course Offering and Enrollment Standards Rescinds F66-3 [pdf] and F66-4 [pdf]  
F99-7 [pdf] GE Policy related to LLD 98/99    
S99-6 [pdf] Grading on Skills Courses Amended by S11-5 [pdf], Replaces S90-9 [pdf]and Clarifies F88-6 [pdf]  
S99-4 [pdf] Degree Termination Replaced S79-12 [pdf] [pdf], F79-3 [pdf] [pdf], F79-2 [pdf] [pdf], F83-3 [pdf] [pdf]  
S96-9 [pdf] SJSU GE Program/ Board of General Studies (BOGS), This policy resulted in the adoption of S98-11 [pdf] Amended by S02-7 [pdf]  
S95-5 [pdf] Competence in Written Communication; Writing Skills Test (WST); Writing Requirements Committee; Board of General Studies Section F amended by S11-5 [pdf], amended by S03-2 [pdf]  
S94-7 [pdf] Competency in Written English for Graduate Students Rescinded by S87-7 [pdf]  
S93-14 [pdf] Curricular Priorities; Academic Priorities Rescinds S79-2 [pdf]  
F89-3 [pdf] Requiring Graduate Bibliographic Instruction    
S89-2 [pdf] Graduate Credit for Undergraduates    
F88-6 [pdf] Non-Traditional Grading/ Credit/No Credit (Pass/Fail) Clarified by S99-6, [pdf] replaced S73-12 [pdf]  
F85-1 [pdf] Time Limit on Graduation Requirements    
S85-4 [pdf] Criteria for Upper Division Courses    
S83-15 [pdf] Plus/Minus Grading System    
S81-11 [pdf] University Requirement Oral Communication    
S78-6 [pdf] Guidelines for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) Courses    
F77-2 [pdf] The Continuing Education Unit (CEU)    
F77-1 [pdf] Requirements for a Second Master's Degree; Graduate Degree    
S77-8 [pdf] Transferability of Credit by Examination    
S77-6 [pdf] Policy on CLEP, College Level Examination Program Amends S76-2 [pdf]  
F75-6 [pdf] Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirement for Resident Alien Students    
S75-14 [pdf] Use of Consultants in the Review of Academic Programs; program planning    
S75-5 [pdf] "Undeclared" Undergraduate Category Rescinds S71-8 [pdf]  
F74-7 [pdf] Requirement of Graduate Record Exam (GRE) a Department Option    
S73-24 [pdf] Computing the GPA for "CR" Grades Given in Graduate Courses    
S73-23 [pdf] Minimum Percentage of Courses with Letter Grades; Required for Master's Program; Graduate Education    
S73-9 [pdf] Continuing Education Course Standards    
S73-4 [pdf] Guidelines for Second Baccalaureates Amended F06-5 [pdf]  
S69-25 [pdf] Minimum number of Upper Division Units for Baccalaureate Degree    
F68-25 [pdf] Evaluation and Transfer of Credit; Recognition of Outside Degrees    
F68-24 [pdf] Guidelines for Experimental Undergraduate Courses 96/196    
F68-9 [pdf] Maximum number of Junior College Transfer Units Allowed    
F67-11 [pdf] Graduate Experimental Courses; Individual Study    
S67-31 [pdf] Standards for Awarding Academic Credit; Faculty appointments at SJSU; Discipline Specific Expertise of Faculty; Catalog Publication of Courses    
S67-2 [pdf] Guidelines for Individual Study (180) and Special Study (196) Courses    
F66-13 [pdf] Prohibition of Double-Numbering of Course; Lower Division/Upper Division Differentation    
F66-4 [pdf] Minimum Frequency of Course Offerings; Enrollment Staffing Standards    
S66-15 [pdf] Foreign Degrees, Requirement for Study of Equivalency to US Degree and Interim Procedures for SJSU until study is completed    
S66-12 [pdf] Transfer Credit for Extension and Correspondence Courses