Bookshelves and the interior of the Steinbeck Center.


Bibliographical resources offered by the Steinbeck Center include audio recordings, record collections, and video collections.

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King Library Digital Photo Archive

The Steinbeck Center Photo Archive houses over 2300 private and professional photographs of Steinbeck's life and "Steinbeck Country; additionally, the archive contains playbills, pamphlets, and other memorandum.

Steinbeck in the Schools

The Steinbeck in the Schools program provides free resources for K–12 and university teachers and students. Browse through collections of reading guides and classroom-tested lesson plans for Steinbeck's works.

Steinbeck's Letters

The Steinbeck Letter Collection compiles the data from all correspondence sent between John Steinbeck and his family, friends, and various personal or professional acquaintances. The following list comes from the collections of letters housed at the Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies. Email for further inquiry. 

Steinbeck Music Collection

While writing The Grapes of Wrath the writer acknowledged using the forms of mathematics of music as inspiration for the movement and tone of his words. With links to the actual recordings, listen to the music that formed a strong bond between John and Carol Steinbeck.


Learn about the awards won by Steinbeck, the chronology of his life and works, important homes and locations in his life, and more with in-depth biographical resources.

Steinbeck Review Journal

Find more information on Steinbeck Review—a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by the Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies in collaboration with Penn State University Press. 

International Steinbeck Conference

The International Steinbeck Studies Conference is a bi-annual gathering that brings together a global community of Steinbeck scholars, teachers, and students to discuss the author and his works.

Other Steinbeck Resources

National Steinbeck Center in Salinas

The National Steinbeck Center has deep roots in the Salinas community and houses a wonderful museum dedicated to Steinbeck's life, his works, and the causes he championed. The Center is host to a variety of community events.

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The Steinbeck Institute

Susan Shillinglaw's Steinbeck Institute is dedicated to integrating the study of humanities and sciences. Throughout the Institute, Summer Scholars will develop an increased appreciation for the links between the novels and scientific ideas and how the two bodies of work inform each other.

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Steinbeck Now

The Steinbeck Now blog is a not-for-profit, non-commercial educational portal developed to benefit the public. accepts original articles and art with a fresh, transformative perspective on Steinbeck's life, thought, and persona.

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