Steinbeck's Reading

Dr. Robert DeMott's seminal work, Steinbeck's Reading: A Catalogue of Books Owned and Borrowed, is available below as PDFs, by permission of the author. This work has been a major resource for Steinbeck researchers and students since it was first published by Garland in 1984. Unfortunately, Steinbeck's Reading is no longer in print. In the interest of making this important work more available to the public, Dr. DeMott proposed to the Center that its web-site host the book in digital form. The Center is honored to do so.

Black and white image of John Steinbeck.

Steinbeck in Budapest, Hungary in 1963, autographing books at a book shop.

Each link below goes to a section of the book and will open in your browser as a searchable PDF. To expedite loading, these PDFs are generally less than 15 pages long. Note that Dr. DeMott has written a New Preface [pdf].

Title Pages [pdf]
Contents [pdf]
Preface [pdf]
New Preface (2009) [pdf]
Acknowledgments [pdf]
Introduction [pdf]
Abbreviations [pdf]
Notes on Catalogue Usage [pdf]
Illustrations [pdf]
List: Abbott to Blake [pdf]
List: Blake to Cooper [pdf]
List: Coulton to Flanagan [pdf]
List: Flattely to Hughes [pdf]
List: Humboldt to London [pdf]
List: London to Newcomer [pdf]
List: Newstead to Sandburg [pdf]
List: Sandburg to Travels [pdf]
List: Traven to Zinsser [pdf]
Explanatory Notes: Abbott to Freud [pdf]
Explanatory Notes: Fromm to Norris [pdf]
Explanatory Notes: Norris to Yeats [pdf]
Published Primary Sources [pdf]
Other Primary and Secondary Sources [pdf]
Author Index [pdf]
Title Index [pdf]