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2nd Annual HRI & ISSSSC Spring Research Colloquium

The Human Rights Institute and The Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change welcome you to San José State's second annual Research Colloquium for Human Rights and Social Change. This event is designed to showcase undergraduate research and celebrate the work students do to promote social change, influence public policy, and collaborate with professionals in the field. The event will include a keynote speaker, pre-recorded student presentations, student Q & A panels, and a presentation of awards and scholarships.

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Save the date! It is time: Voices of Athlete Activism.

It is time: Voices of Athlete Activism 2021

In this second annual conference, ISSSSC discussed the social activist work of Dr. Edwards through an examination of a pivotal year of social movements, social change, and the sporting voices of athletes. This conference hosted keynote panels, change agent organizations, and educational teachings with ISSSSC’s Words to Action workshops.

Conferences, webinars, town halls and more

The ISSSSC has hosted and collaborated on a variety of events since its inception in 2017. Each event is centered around the Institute’s mission of advocating for social justice and equity in sports through our three pillars of Education, Research, and Programming. On this page you will find recent events and programming efforts to include our “Sport Conversations for Change” and other collaborative events we have been honored to be a part of. If you are interested in learning more about a previous held event, you can access recordings on our Education and Resources page.

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Sports Conversations for Change

Our Sports Conversations for Change webinar series provides opportunities to discuss the current state of athletes and the groups and organizations that support them locally and globally.

Black Student-Athlete Summit 2020

Executive Director of the ISSSSC, Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique and Faculty Advisory Board Member, Dr. Shaun Fletcher presented their respective research on mental health at the Black Student-Athlete Summit.

Rise Up: Sport Justice & Activism

Discover the history and mission of the ISSSSC with Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique. Plus, listen to Dr. Carter-Francique discuss how student athletes can use their platforms to advocate for social justice.

Anti-Racism & SBYD: Resources and Ways Forward for Coaches and Organizations

Laureus Virtual Training Camp provided program leaders, coaches and practitioners in the SBYD space with resources to enhance their racial equity practices and further empower black youth in their programs.

Muhammad Ali Center Athletes and Social Change Forum

This annual forum is designed to advance education, advocacy and research on the roles and contributions of athletes in promoting social change, human rights and development.

LGBTQ+ Activism in Sport

San Jose State University’s Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change and the San Francisco 49ers cohosted Words to Action: LGBTQ+ Activism in Sport on May 29, at Levi’s Stadium 501 Club.

Landmarks and Legacy of Athlete Activism

This town hall, Words to Action: Landmarks and Legacy of Athlete Activism, featured an exciting lineup of panelists who reflected on OPHR’s 50-year legacy and its connection to the current wave of athlete activism.

Gender, Sport and Society

Watch trailblazers and sports executives discuss gender equity and women’s rights at Words to Action: Gender, Sport and Society event.

ISSSSC Inaugural Town Hall

See how it all began. The ISSSSC inaugural town hall featured legendary athlete activists such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tommie Smith, Harry Edwards and more.