Appointment Help

Joining Your Online Tutoring Session

For more information on joining your online tutoring session, please follow the steps below. If you have any questions or need more support, email us at, call (408) 924-2308 during regular business hours, or submit a Tech Help Request Form.


Step 1. Login to your WCOnline account at

WCOnline main page

Step 2. Locate your appointment in WCOnline. It will be displayed as a yellow slot. Click on the yellow appointment box. 

Yellow slot with appointment booked in WCOnline

Step 3. Join the appointment. 

To join the session, click on the yellow ZOOM LINK not more than five minutes before the start time. Wait to be admitted from the waiting room.

Existing appointment page in WCOnline


Joining Your In-Person Tutoring Appointment or Drop-In Session

If you have any questions or need more support, email us at or call (408) 924-2308 during regular business hours.

Watch our video (below) to see where we are located to join your in-person tutoring appointment or drop-in session.

Step 1. Head to our in-person appointment location on the second floor of the MLK Library prior to the start of your scheduled tutoring appointment or drop-in slot.


Second floor plan of the MLK Library

Please remember to bring the writing that you'd like to review with your tutor along with any other helpful materials such as assignment prompts.

Step 2. Check in at the front desk. When your session or drop-in time arrives, you will be shown to your tutor. 


Tech Support

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with using the WCOnline system or joining your Zoom online tutoring session, please complete our form by clicking on the link below.

Complete the Tech Help Request Form