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Homegrown Handouts

Homegrown Handouts are original documents created by our writing tutors. They have gone through a proposal process and multiple revisions with Writing Center faculty. Use these handouts to supplement your tutoring sessions or your class materials.

Homegrown Handouts

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Multilingual Writer Toolbox

The Writing Center has collected these resources to help multilingual writers increase their comfort and confidence when writing and completing projects in English. These resources are helpful for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are created by our writing tutors, and they go through the same vigorous revision process as our Homegrown Handouts. Our videos provide brief, interactive introductions to various writing topics.

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External Resources

Need more help with research? Looking for resources specifically for multilingual learners? Our links to external online resources provide useful information when you're looking for additional assistance beyond what we have created at the SJSU Writing Center.

Grad Writer Toolbox

Grad Writer Toolbox

The Writing Center has curated resources to help you increase your comfort and confidence with graduate-level writing and research projects. Click on the link above to visit our toolbox for graduate-level writers!

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Speaking Resources

We receive a number of requests from students asking about support for public speaking. Though we do not offer direct tutoring on this topic, we recognize the link between verbal and written communication. As such, we have curated a list of helpful resources--online links/videos and on-campus groups/activities.

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Writing Center Blog

"The Write Attitude" is the official blog of the SJSU Writing Center. Our blog entries--all written by Writing Center faculty and staff--provide tips and information about different genres and different parts of the writing process.