Policies and Procedures

When you make an appointment, you agree to the following policies. If you have questions or concerns about any of these policies, please contact us or set up an appointment to speak with our Director. 

Our Policies

Please review the following policies, all of which support our mission and further your continued learning. We reserve the right to end or cancel your appointment if these expectations are not met.  


Our Procedures

1. The Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service. Writing tutors will not write your papers for you or perform line-by-line editing. You cannot leave a paper to be corrected by a tutor. You must be present and prepared to learn--tutoring is a collaborative process.

2. Writing tutors will not discuss a grade you have received or anticipate a grade you may receive. Professors assign grades--not Writing Center tutors. Tutors also will not offer commentary on a professor’s written feedback.

3. Writing tutors have the right to refuse to work on a paper that is due the same day or multiple papers during one tutoring session. The goal of the Writing Center is to help you learn writing skills. It will be difficult for you to learn concepts and make meaningful revisions to your work when you are rushing to do more or to meet an imminent deadline. Writing is a process!  

4. The Writing Center services are supplemental to in-class instruction. We will still adhere to our mission even if you are visiting the Writing Center for the sole purpose of receiving extra credit or fulfilling a class assignment. Writing tutors will not act as peer reviewers to make up work that you missed in class.

5. Group essays, projects, or assignments will be handled at the discretion of the writing tutor. All of our regular expectations and procedures still apply.

6. Please visit the Accessible Education Center (AEC) if you need accommodations. Once you have your accommodation letter, email it to us or bring a copy to the Writing Center.