Faculty Services

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The Writing Center is dedicated to assisting all faculty in their efforts to elicit the best writing from their students. If we are to achieve our goal of being able to assist all students in all disciplines, we must work closely with the instructors who know those students best.

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House Calls, Tours, and Workshops

Our writing tutors can visit your classroom (in-person or virtually) to facilitate a one-hour workshop on various writing topics. You can also access the house call video to share our services with your class, or request a tour of our library tutoring space.

Writing Assignment Review Service

Faculty are invited to submit their writing assignments/prompts for review by Writing Center tutors, who will read your assignment from a student's point of view and provide feedback you can use in whatever way you see fit.

Course-Embedded Tutors

If you are a faculty member teaching a writing-intensive course, you can apply for a course-embedded tutor. An embedded tutor is dedicated for three hours per week to supporting you and your students in one of your courses.

Syllabus Statement and Canvas Modules

To inform your students about the Writing Center and the services that we offer, please use our syllabus statement on your course syllabi. We have also created two Canvas modules that you can embed in your course--one for graduate students and one for undergraduates.

Teaching Resources

From handouts to videos, we offer numerous free resources--created by our expert writing tutors--that you can use in the classroom. 

Required Services Statement

We greatly appreciate the support of professors across campus in promoting the Writing Center to students; however, we have limited resources, and unfortunately, we cannot support required use of our services. We also request that you do not incentivize your students to use our tutoring services (e.g., in the form of students earning points or extra credit for having a tutoring session). For more information, please read our full statement on this topic. 

Faculty Writing Support

It can be challenging to make time for your own research, scholarship, and creative activity. We are also here to help you--SJSU faculty--with your own writing. Visit this page to learn more about the resources we offer and the programs we run in collaboration with the Center for Faculty Development (CFD). 

Generative AI Resources

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving, and it’s not only about ChatGPT any more–there are many generative AI tools and platforms available, with new ones continuously being developed. Visit this page to access generative AI informational resources and request a Writing Center meeting or presentation.