Writing Assignment Review Service

Faculty are invited to submit their writing assignments/prompts for review by Writing Center tutors, who will read your assignment from a student's point of view and provide feedback you can use in whatever way you see fit. With this expert student feedback, we hope that both faculty and students will benefit, leading to clearer expectations and less chance of miscommunication. (Please note that all assignments will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone other than the two student tutors who will provide feedback. Your submission will not be stored and will be discarded once the two tutors have reviewed it.)

We accept any type of writing prompt, including but not limited to assignments for essays, critical reviews, term papers, abstracts, literature reviews, literary analyses, lab reports, blog posts, summaries, technical reports, creative writing, PowerPoint slides, and more. We accept writing assignments from all disciplines on campus. Tutors will provide feedback regarding the organization, the clarity of instructions, and the content of the assignment/prompt. They will only comment on the prompt itself--not on additional materials posted on Canvas, provided in the syllabus, etc. 

For more information about the feedback you will receive, review the feedback form our tutors will use. We also have two sample assignment sheets available, each with feedback from two tutors. 

Sample Assignment Sheet #1

Sample Assignment Sheet #2

Please click on the button below if you'd like to submit your assignment sheet for review. Additional details are provided on the form. 

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