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About the Writing Center

Regardless of your major, class standing, or career goals, writing is a necessary skill. We can help you develop your ideas, cite your sources properly, write clearly on the sentence level, and organize your thoughts and communicate them articulately. We understand the needs of multilingual learners and returning students, and we're experts in all phases of the writing process. Click on the links below for more information about our staff and faculty, and more details can be found in our comprehensive annual report.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the writing skills of SJSU students so they can communicate clearly in any setting (informal, academic, or professional). We accomplish this goal through creating original writing resources, offering workshops, and conducting one-on-one tutoring sessions. We are committed to treating students, their questions, and their assignments with respect. We recognize that every student is unique and that every assignment is different. Our writing tutors will make their best attempt to work with students to improve their writing.

Meet Our Team

Writing Tutors

Our student writing tutors are from a variety of disciplines and grade levels (from sophomores to graduate students). All writing tutors are well trained to assist students during any phase of the writing process. Tutors can work set hours in the Writing Center and/or work as course-embedded tutors in select writing-intensive courses.

Student Assistants

We employ student coordinators to work our Writing Center front desk, help with scheduling tasks, and assist both the director and the administrative coordinator with general office duties. Our student coordinators also each focus on a special project area: events, marketing, social media, video production, and IT & systems support. 

Professional Staff

The Writing Center currently has four full-time professional staff members: the director and three coordinators (for administrative support and operations, multilingual writing support services, and online writing support services). All professional staff have extensive experience in the teaching of writing and/or higher education.

Writing Center Team Members


Research is an integral part of the SJSU Writing Center. The Writing Center Director and professional staff members of the Center are currently engaged in numerous research projects. In addition, student employees who work at the Writing Center are given the opportunity to engage in research projects during their tenure at the Writing Center.

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Annual Report

For more information about Writing Center services, refer to our comprehensive annual report. Additional annual reports from previous years can also be found in our online archive.

2021-2022 Annual Report

Annual Reports Archive

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Want to learn more about the history of the SJSU Writing Center? We have collected our previous annual reports in a comprehensive archive that's available for anyone to view. Check out how we've grown over the years!

Annual Reports Archive