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The Write Attitude

"The Write Attitude" is the official blog of the SJSU Writing Center. Our blog entries--all written by Writing Center faculty and staff--provide tips and information about different genres and different parts of the writing process.

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Grammar and Style

From the fine points of semicolon usage to weird adjective rules that you may never have heard of, posts in this category cover all kinds of grammar and style topics to help you elevate your writing.

Writing Genres

Writing a literature review for the first time? No idea how to go about sprucing up your resume? Or maybe you've got a creative writing assignment that you've no idea what to do with. Check out the Writing Genres category for advice on a whole host of different types of writing assignments.

Writing Process

Whether you're still brainstorming or revising your final draft, the Writing Process category contains posts about tackling any part of your writing journey, including if you're dealing with writer's block. 


In line with our commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, this category features posts on how writers can think more expansively and inclusively when writing about difficult and sensitive topics. 

Quick Tips

The longest-running series on our blog, Quick Tips posts contain short blurbs with advice on everything from word choice to dealing with procrastination. 

Ask the Specialists

The Ask the Specialists monthly feature is a Writing Center staple where we ask our highly-qualified staff for their advice and thoughts on various writing conundrums.