Teaching Resources

We are here to support faculty in the teaching of writing all across campus. In addition to our in-class services that faculty can request--such as workshops--and our regular tutoring services that all students can use, we've also compiled resources here that you can use any time. The first section below provides resources that we've created at the Writing Center; the second section links to selected projects and presentations that faculty completed through the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. 

Writing Center Instructional Resources

We provide dozens of free handouts for download with information on topics such as style, grammar, organization, the parts of an essay, DEI concerns (as related to writing), commonly used citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago), and specific writing genres/projects (e.g., resumes, abstracts, literature reviews, research papers, personal statements, annotated bibliographies). These handouts are all created by Writing Center staff.

In recent years, we have also started developing video tutorials, and on our YouTube channel, you can find these tutorials along with other informational videos about the Writing Center. We have a playlist of video workshops that are shortened versions of many of our in-person workshop offerings. Lastly, we also have a blog, "The Write Attitude," which offers tips and practical information about the writing process.

You can tell your students about these online resources, post them on Canvas as additional resources, or use them directly as part of your in-class instruction. 

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Projects

The research projects and informational presentations that we've linked to below were completed by faculty from various disciplines through SJSU's Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. These research projects and informational presentations can provide valuable information about the teaching of writing to help inform your instructional techniques. 

Project: Guide to Help Undergraduate Students Analyze, Synthesize, and Write about Scientific Literature [pptx]
Authors: Dr. Jennifer Hartle and Catherine Doyle
Department: Public Health and Recreation, College of Health and Human Sciences

Project: World Englishes in U.S. Classrooms: Working with Indian English Speakers [pdf]
Author: Sharmin Khan
Department: Linguistics and Language Development

Project: Common Multilingual Language Differences--Vietnamese [pdf] 
Author: Shawn Tran
Department: Department of General Engineering

Project: Common Multilingual Language Differences--Spanish [pdf]
Author: Francisco de la Calle
Department: Computer Science

Project: Common Multilingual Language Differences--Mandarin [pdf]
Author: Ching Ching Tan
Department: Communication Studies

Project: Providing Feedback on Student Writing [pdf]
Author: Sara Cook
Department: English and Comparative Literature

Project: 100WB (Business Writing) Playbook [pdf]
Author: Laimin Lo
Department: English and Comparative Literature