House Calls and Workshops

Our writing tutors can visit your classroom and

  • Provide a 10-15 minute house call to discuss Writing Center services with your students.
  • Conduct a one-hour workshop (see workshop topics).
  • Assist in peer-review groups.

To request a house call or workshop for your class, please click on the blue button below to complete our request form. If you would like workshops or house calls for multiple classes, fill out one form per class.

NOTE: When you fill out a request form, please provide us with the required Zoom link. Even if you are teaching an in-person (or hybrid) class, our tutor may have to visit your course virtually via Zoom to conduct the house call or facilitate the workshop.  

Please review the following reminders before you request our services. 

  • We have a regular workshop schedule every semester, and our workshop topics cover different parts of the writing process. You can advertise our workshop schedule to your students if you don't want to use your class time for a special workshop.
  • If you do request an in-class workshop, you must be present during the entire workshop session. Our in-class workshops are not a substitute teaching service!
  • You are responsible for making the workshop materials available to your students (either hard copies for in-person classes or postings on Canvas or via email for online courses).  
  • We will try to accommodate your date and time requests; however, we can usually only schedule workshops during our normal hours of operation (M-Th, 10:00-9:00 and F, 10:00-3:00).
  • We cannot usually accommodate more than 3-4 requested workshops per instructor each semester.
  • We recommend scheduling house calls early in the semester, and we do not generally schedule house calls or in-class workshops during final exam periods.  

If you'd prefer to come to us, we can also accommodate in-person tours of the Writing Center for you and your students (as long as your class time falls within our in-person hours of operation).  

Request a House Call or In-Class Workshop