Course-Embedded Tutors

If you are a faculty member teaching a writing-intensive course, you can apply for a course-embedded tutor. Course-embedded writing tutors are a form of supplemental instruction, and they are a valuable resource for your students throughout the writing process. They are more skilled and knowledgeable than their peers—they are fully trained and supported by the Writing Center—and they work three hours per week exclusively with your students.

Faculty members and course-embedded writing tutors work out a flexible schedule within the following guidelines:

  • Tutors will spend time each week working directly with students.
  • Tutors can split their hours between time spent in the classroom and time spent working with students outside of class.
  • Tutors can offer one-on-one and/or small-group tutoring appointments for students in your class. 
  • Tutors can conduct workshops either in class or outside of class. 
  • Tutors can create writing resources for your class, such as handouts, activities, and/or videos. 
  • Tutors are not allowed to grade or evaluate student work in any form.

Within these guidelines, faculty members and course-embedded writing tutors work together to decide how this time should be allocated. Faculty with course-embedded tutors also participate in a paid Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) workshop that explores both genre theory and practical tips/best practices for working with an embedded tutor. 

Faculty applications for spring 2023 course-embedded tutors were due on December 2, 2022. We do our best to accommodate faculty applications, but please keep in mind that (1) demand for this service is high, and (2) sometimes tutor-faculty schedules do not match (e.g., the tutor has their own class at the same time as the course for which you're requesting an embedded tutor).  

We will be accepting applications again late in the spring 2023 semester (for fall 2023). Be sure to check this page, and when applications are open, there will be a blue "Apply Now!" button below that will lead you to our form.