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August 22, 2021

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Beethoven Sonatas for Fortepiano and Cello, Opus 5, nos 1 and 2
Performed by Gwendolyn Mok, Robert Howard and Stephen Harrison

Gwen Mok performing








Visit our Performances page to view the performances and conversation by pianist Gwendolyn Mok and cellists Robert Howard and Stephen Harrison.

Gwendolyn Mok from SJSU's Department of Music performs these works on a fortepiano built by Thomas and Barbara Wolf modeled after a 1794 instrument. This replica fortepiano is similar to the Dulcken currently in the collection at the Beethoven Center. 

Lewis Lockwood talks about his new book Beethoven’s Lives with Erica Buurman

Lewis Lockwood "Beethoven's Lives"Watch our interview that explored Beethoven’s Lives by Lewis Lockwood, himself a much-lauded Beethoven biographer, tells the story of Beethoven biography, from the earliest attempts made directly after the composer's death to the present day.  

Link to YouTube video here


Mark Evan Bonds talks about his new book Beethoven: Variations on a Life with Erica Buurman

Despite the ups and downs of his personal life and professional career-- evenImage of book cover: "Beethoven: Variations on a Life" by Mark Evan Bonds in the face of deafness-Beethoven remained remarkably consistent in his most basic convictions about his art. This inner consistency, the music historian Mark Evan Bonds argues, provides the key to understanding the composer's life and works.

Watch the video of this interview on our YouTube channel here!

Celia Mendez Young Pianists' Beethoven Competition

The Young Pianist's Beethoven competition was founded in 1987 by Celia Méndez, a San José private piano teacher who wanted to create an artistic learning experience for California high school students that would inspire and support them in their study of Beethoven's piano sonatas.

Consistent with this purpose, the "prize" of the competition is participation in a master class by an internationally renowned artist. Additional awards are performing opportunities and a monetary prize.

Watch this year's 2021 virtual competition on our YouTube channel 

Also, you can view our 2021 Masterclass with Stewart Goodyear on our YouTube channel as well.

William Kinderman discusses his new book Beethoven: A Political Artist in Revolutionary Times with Erica Buurman

Cover of William Kinderman's novel "Beethoven: A Political Artist in Revolutionary Times"In his new book, Beethoven: A Political Artist in Revolutionary Times, William Kinderman presents Beethoven as a civically engaged thinker faced with severe challenges. The composer lived through many tumultuous events—the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Congress of Vienna among them. 


Watch the video of this interview on our YouTube channel here!