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Beethoven at the Ball Exhibition

Location: Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, 5th floor MLK Library

February 21, 2022 - June, 2022

Image of Ball during Beethoven's Era

Vienna is famous for its balls, where waltzing couples whirl to the strains of Johann Strauss in lavish, glittering ballrooms. While the Victorian Era was the golden age of the waltz, Vienna’s public ball culture originated during Beethoven’s lifetime at the end of the eighteenth century. This exhibit explores the Viennese ball culture that Beethoven would have been familiar with, from the opening of the first public ballrooms, to the costumes and music, and the various dance forms that include the earliest forms of waltzing.

Call for papers: Ninth International New Beethoven Research Conference

Date: November 9-10, 2022
Place: New Orleans

The Ninth International New Beethoven Research (NBR) conference will take place Wednesday, November 9, and Thursday morning, November 10, in New Orleans prior to the joint meeting of the American Musicological Society, Society for Ethnomusicology, and the Society for Music Theory.

To learn more, please visit our official page for the Ninth International New Beethoven Research Conference.