Scholarship Reception

The International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSS) and the Study Abroad and Away Office (SAA) offer a few different scholarships to students every year. Three different scholarships are offered: The Louie Barozzi, Global Spartan and the Gilman scholarships. This year 33 scholarships were awarded to international students and students who have participated in a study abroad program. On September 21st we held a reception for the recipients of the awards to recognize their achievement and present them with their certificates.

By: Lena Meadows - October 02, 2023

Kalindi ParekhAt the reception we had two speeches by the scholarship recipients, Kalindi Parekh (New Student Global Spartan scholarship recipient) and An Huynh (Continuing Student Global Spartan scholarship recipient). They both did an amazing job and it was great to learn more about their own personal journeys and what they hope to accomplish. 

Photo: Kalindi Parekh

An HuynhAfter the speeches and the certificates presentations, there was time to enjoy lunch with other scholarship recipients, their friends and family, and staff members from ISSS and SAA offices. This scholarship reception was a fun time to mingle, get to know and to celebrate the scholarship recipients.

Photo: An Huynh

Scholarship Recipients

Gilman Scholarship:

  • Sophia Garske
  • Lisette Vasquez Perez

Louie Barozzi Scholarship:

  • San Vu (SAA)
  • Nyi Nyi (Nick) Shein (ISSS)
  • Ravindar Reddy Siddenki (ISSS)

New Student Global Spartan Scholarship:

  • Danna Estupinan
  • Jada Mazury
  • Darshan Arunbhai Patel
  • Kalinidi Vijesh Parekh
  • Divyam Gupta
  • Linh Truong
  • Garima Singh
  • Naveen Kumar Potta
  • Gyumin Kwon
  • Pranavi Chaturvedula
  • Hnin Yee Ko
  • Yadanar Khin

Continuing Student Global Spartan Scholarship:

  • Akhilesh Patil
  • Mohit Sonwane
  • Bineet Anand
  • Peter Al Asseily
  • Carolina Borges de Carvalho
  • Phuc An Huynh
  • Girish Bisane
  • Rutivk Moradiya
  • Heli Gopal Shah
  • Safiullah Saif
  • Ira Sharma
  • Sanyukta Thatte
  • Juhi Malkani
  • Venkatasai Rao Dheekonda
  • Martin Melkuhn
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