Online Services

Login to Student Health Center Online Services

The Student Health Center uses a secure and confidential online system which allows currently enrolled students to:

  • Make an appointment* (see Appointment Types [pdf] to determine what type of appointment you should make) 
    *NOTE: Due to COVID-19, online scheduling is not available at this time. Please call 408-924-6122 to make an appointment.
  • View and cancel already scheduled appointments
  • Update your Student Health Center profile to reflect your current cell phone number, address, email, and emergency contact information
  • Receive secure messages from your provider
  • Complete required forms:
    1. General Health History
    2. Student Health Center Fee Policy
    3. Student Health Center Patient Bill of Rights
    4. Student Health Center Privacy Notice [pdf]
    5. Photo and Telehealth Consent for Telemedicine Appointments

Please remember to bring a picture I.D. to every Student Health Center visit.

New Students

Students who are new to SJSU this semester should:

  • Login to complete the SJSU Immunization Compliance information in the "Medical Clearances" section and submit proof of immunization for Measles & Rubella & Hep B (if applicable) requirements.
  • All supporting documents (yellow cards, immunization forms with physician signature, lab test for titer results) must contain patient name and date of birth.
  • Allow 7-10 business days for your immunization proof to be reviewed for compliance.
  • A secure message will be sent indicating that you are compliant or that additional proof is needed.
  • Questions? Send email to or call 408-924-6122.

Special Notes

  • For appointments, please call 408-924-6122. We have taken steps to provide a safe and healthy environment and can provide in-person and video visits.  For any in-person visits, screening and appointment instructions will be given.
  • For a medical emergency, seek emergency medical assistance immediately by dialing 911 or go to the nearest emergency facility.
  • If you need assistance scheduling an appointment or accessing secure messages, please contact the Student Health Center at 408-924-6122 during regular business hours.