Online Services

Login to Student Health Center Online Services

The Student Health Center uses a secure and confidential online system which allows currently enrolled students to:

  • Make an appointment* (see Appointment Types [pdf] to determine what type of appointment you should make) 
    *NOTE: Due to COVID-19, online scheduling is not available at this time. Please call 408-924-6122 to make an appointment.
  • View and cancel already scheduled appointments
  • Update your Student Health Center profile to reflect your current cell phone number, address, email, and emergency contact information
  • Review notes, test results, medications, immunizations, and other health information
  • Receive and send secure messages to your healthcare provider
  • Upload any required immunization information
  • Complete required forms:
    1. General Health History
    2. Student Health Center Fee Policy
    3. Student Health Center Patient Bill of Rights
    4. Student Health Center Privacy Notice [pdf]
    5. Photo and Telehealth Consent for Telemedicine Appointments

Please remember to bring a picture I.D. to every Student Health Center visit.  The Online Services/Patient Portal should not be used for emergencies or urgent questions.  It is important to note that messages sent throught the Portal will become part of your medical record.

New Students

Students who are new to SJSU this semester should:

  • Login to complete the SJSU Immunization Compliance information in the "Medical Clearances" section and submit proof of immunization for Measles & Rubella & Hep B (if applicable) requirements.
  • All supporting documents (yellow cards, immunization forms with physician signature, lab test for titer results) must contain patient name and date of birth.
  • Allow 7-10 business days for your immunization proof to be reviewed for compliance.
  • A secure message will be sent indicating that you are compliant or that additional proof is needed.
  • Questions? Send email to or call 408-924-6122.

*Please note that the immunization section under "Medical Clearance" in your patient portal is only for required immunization vaccination documents under Executive Order 803.

Special Notes

  • For appointments, please call 408-924-6122. We have taken steps to provide a safe and healthy environment and can provide in-person and video visits.  For any in-person visits, screening and appointment instructions will be given.
  • For a medical emergency, seek emergency medical assistance immediately by dialing 911 or go to the nearest emergency facility.
  • If you need assistance scheduling an appointment or accessing secure messages, please contact the Student Health Center at 408-924-6122 during regular business hours.