Fees & Payment

Pay Appointment Fees 

Visit the Student Wellness Center Patient Portal to pay for any appointment fees. Click "Account Summary" to see your balance and pay.

SJSU Mandatory Health Fee

  • Within a given term, payment of the Mandatory Health Fee (MHF) allows students to access services at the Student Wellness Center. Payment is made to the Bursar's office, along with tuition and other university fees.
  • There is no charge for basic services at the Student Wellness Center for currently enrolled students, including many routine medical and counseling appointments.

Fees Not Covered Under Basic Services

San José State University student fees include a health fee that pays for the basic services provided. Some additional services (some lab tests, immunizations, procedures and specialty visits) require a nominal fee.

Programs who may opt in to SWC Services

Individuals registered through programs such as Open University, Continuing Education, Master's Thesis, International Gateways, and Special Session do not pay the required MHF, but may opt in to individual services. These students (referred to as non-subscribers) may access Student Wellness Center services during any school term/session/intercession by paying $31.16 (Health Services)/$14.07 (CAPS)/$5.03 (WHP) per visit (plus the same augmented or specialty service fees that are paid by students who pay the MHF).

Fees for Term Breaks

In order to provide access to Student Wellness Center services for continuing students and graduates during the term breaks (summer and intersession/winter sessions), the following fee schedule applies:

Summer Session

  • No charge for summer session students who have paid the MHF.
  • $15 per visit fee for continuing students. Continuing students are those who were enrolled in the immediately preceding spring term and will be enrolled for the immediately succeeding fall term, but are not enrolled for the summer.
  • Additional fees for augmented services (e.g., physical therapy, elective physical exams, immunizations, allergy shots) would apply. 

Winter Session

  • No charge for winter session students, continuing students (those enrolled in the immediately preceding fall term and the immediately succeeding spring term).
  • Additional fees for augmented services (e.g. physical therapy, elective physical exams, immunizations, allergy shots) would apply.

Missed Appointment Fee

Appointments must be canceled by 4:30 p.m. the day prior to the scheduled appointment. Students who miss a second or subsequent scheduled appointment will have a $10 Missed Appointment Fee applied to their account.

Fee Appeal

Students can submit a Fee Appeal Request Form within 15 calendar days of a service date. They will receive a response via the SWC Patient Portal. This for service related charges; the Mandatory Health Fees cannot be appealed.