Request Patient Records and Release of Information

Patient records are confidential by law and are not released to anyone, including parents, spouse, friends, other health professionals, and/or university personnel, without the written consent of the patient. Your medical records are not associated with your academic record.

You can view electronic health information such as your SWC visits and test results by logging into the Student Wellness Center Patient Portal and clicking on the "Medical Records" section on the home page after you are logged in.

Patient Records in Health Services

To obtain a paper copy of your medical records or to request a paper copy of your medical records to be sent to other health professionals:

  1. Print, complete, and sign a copy of the Authorization to Request or Release Medical Information form [pdf]
  2. Review SJSU's Subpoena Guidelines

Requesting Itemized Statement of Charges

To obtain an Itemized Statement of augmented health care fees you paid, complete the Itemized Statement Form

Submit completed and signed form(s) to Student Wellness Center

Options to submit

  • Front Desk Lobby
  • Fax to 408-924-7786
  • Mail to: Student Wellness Center, One Washington Square, San Jose, California 95192-0037

Patient Records in Counseling

Information about your counseling is recorded in an electronic file. This is separate and independent from your academic and health records, and can only be accessed by members of the CAPS staff.

If you are prescribed medication by a psychiatrist at CAPS, a notation of the medication will be included in your health services record, which is kept separately from your psychological counseling and academic record. This notation is not copied or released when your medical or academic records are sent elsewhere.

Records about your counseling are kept for seven years, which is consistent with the professional ethical guidelines.

You have a right to know the contents of your file unless your counselor (or parents, if you're under 18) deem that viewing it would be harmful to your mental health.

CAPS utilizes an electronic scheduling system and client database, including your reported contact information, demographic information, a list of your initial presenting concerns and problems, and brief records of your counseling sessions. The staff at CAPS maintains strict security measures to protect this information including physical locks, electronic encryption, firewalls, and password protection.

Release of Information

With the exceptions noted above, information about you (including whether you have made appointments at CAPS) cannot be released to anyone outside of CAPS without your written permission.

If you decide that you want to authorize your counselor or other CAPS staff to disclose information contained in your counseling record, you will be asked to sign a "Release of Information" form. This form will specify:

  • What information is disclosed
  • Designate to whom the disclosure is to be made
  • Specify the purpose or need
  • Limit what information you want or don't want to release
  • Indicate when the authorization expires

You may cancel the authorization at any time by giving us written notice. Similarly, if you decide to authorize release of your psychiatric and/or medication records, please speak with your psychiatrist.