We make a difference today, for a better tomorrow!

We pride ourselves on our professional standards that provide the basis for our operational policies and procedures. Our department is synonymous with excellence, professional performance and innovative practices.

We set a high performance bar for professionalism and community service for our officers to ensure they operate with a community policing style in an environment supportive of educational, professional and extracurricular activities.

We encourage all qualified men and women to learn more about and consider the advantages of policing in the higher education environment along with the excellent state benefits and opportunities available for professional development and policing assignments.

If you would like to join our team, you can search for job openings and submit your application below.

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Non-Sworn Employment Opportunities

UPD also has several classifications of non-sworn positions, including Police Dispatcher, Parking Enforcement Officer and Community Service Officer. You can search for job openings and submit your application at Job Applicants.

Police Dispatcher

Community Service Officer (Full-time)

Community Service Officer (Part-time)

Housing Community Service Officer