Police Cadet Program

About the Cadet Program

Cadets at attentionThe Police Cadet Program was established to enable interested SJSU students to gain hands-on law enforcement experience within UPD and to function in a public safety capacity within the campus community. These bright and energetic students play an intricate role in police operations and crime prevention as well as traffic control and parking enforcement.

Earn College Internship Credits

Cadets may be eligible to earn college credits toward their major internship requirements. Students are asked to check with their academic advisors to determine if the Cadet Program is an acceptable internship program for their respective majors.

Receive Training

Cadets in trainingCadets receive a minimum of 80 hours of basic training during their first semester in the program and specialized monthly in-service training following their first semester within the Cadet Program. The Cadet Program also provides the opportunity for cadets to participate in full-time police officers' in-service training programs.

Gain Experience

The goal of the Cadet Program is to provide students with valuable experience that would assist them in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for achieving successful careers within the law enforcement profession, or other related field.

Build Professional Relationships

Cadets have the opportunity to interact with other students interested in the field of law enforcement. Many cadets build and maintain strong friendships with each other following their graduation from SJSU. These friendships help build professional relationships between different law enforcement agencies. Such relationships have become a valuable tool in conducting efficient multi-jurisdictional investigations.

Application Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age, or older, at the time of application.
  • Must be a matriculated, SJSU student enrolled in at least 3.0 units of coursework.
  • Must be Federal Work Study Eligible.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years remaining with the University.
  • Must have and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better.
  • Must be of good, moral character.
  • Must not have any felony convictions.
  • Must have a valid, California driver's license.

To apply: 

Fill out the SJSU Application for Student Assistants [pdf] and email to