Safety Presentations

New Students

UPD offers safety presentations at New Student Orientation each semester. These presentations are designed to give new students an overview of the types of crime that can exist on campus, with tips and strategies to avoid becoming a victim. The message is that many of the crimes on the campus are crimes of opportunity; there are basic steps that students can take to protect themselves, such as locking doors in the residence hall or using the escort service provided by UPD when walking alone across campus at night. The presentations stress reporting suspicious activity and crime to the police.

Campus Groups

Presentations are also offered to other campus groups, such as University Housing Services, fraternities and sororities. The presentations can be accompanied by the video, Don't be a Victim of Opportunity. UPD tailors presentations to meet the needs of each group. Time is allocated for questions and answers so that specific areas of concern can be addressed.

New Employees

UPD also provides presentations to faculty and staff, as both an orientation at the New Employee Welcome and as a refresher for current employees. The focus is on strategies to avoid being a victim, with an emphasis on reporting crimes. UPD also provides a more specific presentation addressing workplace violence.




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