Bluelight Phones

Bluelight Phone Locations [pdf]

Bluelight emergency telephones are located all across campus, including in the residence halls and on every floor of the parking garages. They are identified by a blue light and signage. There are several types of bluelight phones around campus. When walking on campus, note where they are and use them when needed.

  • Buildings: The building interiors have wall-mounted phones with a blue light above them.
  • Elevators: All campus elevators have emergency phones that function the same as bluelight phones. They can be used in the same manner.
  • Grounds: The campus grounds bluelight phones have tall blue poles and a blue light on top.

Bluelight Phone Activation

Some bluelight phones are activated by just pushing the button and talking. Other types of bluelight phones require you to pickup the handset and use it like a regular telephone.

All bluelight and elevator phones ring directly into the UPD Communication Center and are answered in the same priority as a 9-1-1 call. The phones require 2 - 3 seconds to connect with the Police Dispatcher. The location of each bluelight phone is automatically identified when the Police Dispatcher receives the call.

In the event that you cannot speak, just push the button or knock the handset off the hook and UPD Officers will be dispatched to your location. Police Dispatchers can hear background noise, so any noise that you can make regarding the emergency is helpful.

Report an Emergency

In an emergency (such as a fire, medical crisis, etc.), use a Bluelight phone. These phones will directly connect you to UPD in seconds.

Report Suspicious Activity

Bluelight phones can be used to report suspicious activity. You can remain anonymous. When calling, please be as detailed as possible regarding the crime, person(s) involved, date, time and location of the incident and any other information you believe is important.

Request a Safety Escort

Use a Bluelight phone to request an escort, day or night, if you are feeling unsafe walking on campus. For more information, see Safety Escort Program.

Motorist Assistance

Bluelight phones can be used to request motor vehicle assistance in the parking garages. If you need help with a jump-start or vehicle unlock, we can help if there are staff available.