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A collage of Student Union facilities, events, venue spaces, and the Information Center.

Student Union, Inc. offers a wide variety of services and resources dedicated to SJSU students, staff, faculty, community members, and the general public. Whether it's a venue, scheduling services, audio-visual needs, or a full-scale event, the Student Union, Inc. is here to help.

A picture of two student employees at the Information Center.

Information Center

The Information Center in the Diaz Compean Student Union is staffed by knowledgeable student employees who can answer any questions you might have - even if those questions aren't related to the university. Stop by to pick up maps, event fliers and pamphlets. 

Call us at 408-924-6350 for more information.

A picture of an empty ballroom inside the Student Union.

Reserve a Space

As the first stop for any department, organization or company looking to reserve space at SJSU, Event Services handles scheduling for almost every room, space, or field on campus. Event Services is committed to providing the best event planning assistance, from coordinating audio-visual needs, to finding the optimal place for events.

Event Calendar

View the Event Calendar for current reservations at the Student Union, Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center, and the South Campus Recreational Field.

Get in touch with Event Services for your reservation needs.

A picture of the Student Union Information Center.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found desk is located at the Information Center in the lower level of the Diaz Compean Student Union. Whether around the Student Union, Inc facilities or across campus, please visit the Info Center for any lost and found items.

Campus Maps & Building Directory

As the center of campus life, the Student Union, Inc. offers numerous print-friendly and mobile-friendly maps and directories to guide you, not only around our facilities, but all across campus.

Download Our Maps

Interactive Building Directory

Take a look at all the departments inside the Student Union, Inc through our Interactive Building Directory Page. We are the center of campus life and host a variety of campus departments and student organizations.