Finance Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and recommends policies regarding the financial security and viability of the corporation, reviews quarterly financials, investments, risk management, and the annual budget and audit for presentation to the Board of Directors.


  • At least one student from SUBOD as determined by Board process (voting)
  • At least one other member from SUBOD (voting)
  • Executive Director (non-voting)
  • Full-time staff from the above areas of concern from the Student Union, Inc. (non-voting)
  • Members who wish to join the committee after initial appointments must be approved by the Board.

Committee Chair

  • The Finance Committee Chair shall be elected by the committee with approval by the Board.
  • The Finance Committee Chair shall be responsible for reporting committee recommendations and findings to the Board.
  • The Finance Committee Chair will preside over all meetings of the committee. If absent, a voting member of the committee shall preside over the meeting as designated by Chair in the Agenda .
  • The Finance Committee Chair shall submit the Agenda and designate the meeting time and place in compliance with open meeting laws. Members may place items on the Agenda , by submitting them to the Chair prior to posting.

Term of Office

The term for each voting member of the Finance Committee will be for one year commencing on July 1st or the first meeting in the Fall semester of each year. Members may serve on the committee for subsequent years.

Duties of the Committee

  • To insure fiscal stability of the corporation consistent with the mission of the organization and San José State University.
  • To recommend changes to policies regarding finance, budget, investments and safety as necessary.
  • To review and recommend approval of the annual budget to the Board.
  • To present the annual fiscal audit results at the Annual Meeting.
  • To approve any unbudgeted expenditures from Local Reserves.


  • Meetings will be conducted once a month or as needed.
  • Meetings shall be held when at least one voting member is present and at least one non-voting member is present and there is an Agenda item.

Agendas and Minutes