Advanced Certificates

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Affordable Housing and Community Development Finance

In this advanced certificate program, students gain domain-specific knowledge as well as a deep understanding of interrelationships between urban & regional development, housing markets (especially the affordable housing market), and financing of public infrastructure and services.

Applications of Technology in Planning

Applications of Technology in Planning

This certificate program enables graduate students and professionals to develop their knowledge and skills at using information technologies in the planning process. Classes and studies draw on the rich agglomeration of technical applications and skills available in the Silicon Valley region.


Community Design and Development

This advanced certificate program provides graduate students with the knowledge and skills required to address a community's needs through the design of the physical environment. Courses examine the interactions among social, economic, political, and cultural factors, and the built environment.

Certificate in Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

In this advanced certificate program, students develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully carry out planning and development activities with consideration of the environmental impacts and a goal to achieve more sustainable development.

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Geographic Information Science (GIS)

The advanced certificate program in Geographic Information Science provides graduate students and professionals the opportunity to develop expertise in the creation, manipulation, analysis, and display of geographic information science.

transportation and land use

Real Estate Development

In this certificate program, students develop the knowledge and skills needed to initiate, navigate, and manage real estate development projects, with a special emphasis on Northern California.

transportation and land use

Transportation and Land Use Planning

In this certificate program, students learn the principles of transportation and land-use planning at the location and regional levels. In today's rapidly growing regions, planners recognize that transportation and land use planning are intricately connected and must be planned together to allow residents and freight carriers to access destinations quickly and efficiently, improve accessibility options for residents who cannot or choose not to drive, and build economically and environmentally sustainable communities.

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The advanced certificate programs are open to graduate degree students enrolled in any program at San José State University. Members of the public who hold an undergraduate degree may also apply to complete any of these certificate programs through SJSU Open University.

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