BA in Geography

Geography majors complete a program of study that leads to a general geography degree and includes major electives that allow them to focus more specifically on a particular area of Geography. The program prepares students to understand the environment around us and interpret human and non-human patterns across the Earth's surface. The major allows flexibility in course selection while providing a strong foundation in human, physical, and regional aspects of our discipline. Geography at SJSU also features a strong technology component based on applications of GIS, digital cartography, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and data visualization. Geography is essential to the growing need for global literacy and our faculty is committed to working with students to develop the skills that will serve them well whether in a career or moving on to graduate studies. Career opportunities for graduates with these skills are wide open.

Career Options for Geography Majors:

Development Specialist

Community Development Specialist

Economic Development Analyst

Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Park Ranger

Sustainability Coordinator

Natural Resource Management

Real Estate

Policy Consultant


Emergency Management Specialist

Geo-intelligence Specialist

Logistics Manager

Mapping Technician


Foreign Services Officer

Urban Planning

Transportation Analysis

Site-location Analysis

Consulting Firms

Local, State, Federal Agencies


Graduates with a B.A. in Geography will:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of and ability to analyze spatial relationships.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of, and ability to analyze and critique human and environment interactions.
  3. Define and use basic geography tools and techniques.
  4. Demonstrate ability to analyze and compare/contrast global regions.
  5. Demonstrate ability to read and understand research literature and engage in productive research activities.
  6. Demonstrate professional communication skills.

If you are interested in applying for an undergraduate major in Geography, please contact the Geography Advisor.