Minor in Urban Studies

As our nation and the world are becoming increasingly urban in character, there is a growing interest in urban studies. The main concerns of the field of urban studies are with the critical issues of urban and regional growth and change, as well as environmental and social balance. Those involved in urban studies try to encourage orderly growth and development responsive to the present and future needs of society.

Career opportunities in urban studies exist in city, county, regional, state and national government, private consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and research and academic institutions.

Objectives of the Urban Studies Program

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning offers study leading to the undergraduate Minor in Urban Studies.

This professionally oriented program is designed to:

  1. Familiarize students with the social, economic, political, and physical aspects of the major urban issues of our time; and
  2. Introduce students to the basic professional skills and strategies used to improve the urban environment.

Requirements for the Minor in Urban Studies

The program leading to the undergraduate Minor in Urban Studies consists of 14 semester units.  There are two required courses (URBP 101: The City and URBP 136: Introduction to Land Use and Facilities Planning).  In addition, students must take 4 elective units from approved Urban and Regional Planning courses, and 3 elective units from approved courses in other departments.

To apply for the Minor in Urban Studies, please download and complete the Urban Studies Minor Form [pdf] and schedule an appointment with the department's Undergraduate Advisor.

If you have questions about the how the Urban Studies minor and general education/SJSU studies fit together, you can find advising at ACCESS, in Clark 240.