Transportation and Land Use Planning

The Advanced Certificate program in Transportation and Land Use Planning offers students the opportunity to learn the principles of transportation and land-use planning at the location and regional levels. In today's rapidly growing regions, planners recognize that transportation and land use planning are intricately connected and must be planned together to allow residents and freight carriers to access destinations quickly and efficiently, improve accessibility options for residents who cannot or choose not to drive, and build economically and environmentally sustainable communities.

The certificate program is open to matriculated students enrolled in any graduate program at San José State University (SJSU). The program is also open to students who hold a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, non-matriculated students may register for courses through SJSU's Open University.

For questions and/or advising, please contact the Advanced Certificates Program Director and Advisor. Students interested in our Advanced Certificate Program should consult with the URBP Graduate Advisor prior to beginning course work.

Transportation and Land Use Planning Certificate catalog listing