Graduate Planning Reports

This page provides links to the full text of those URBP 298 Planning Reports that have received an honors designation. View a list of the titles of all Graduate Planning Reports completed from December 2002 through May 2017.

Rebanking Urban Design Report Cover

Rebanking Urban Design: Urban Growth and Stream Corridor Connection [pdf], by Clelia Busadas

Tree Canopy Tree Canopy Coverage and Reducing the Heat Island Effect: Mitigation Strategies for the City of San Francisco [pdf], by Diego Romero

Getting There Report Cover

Getting There: The Effects of First and Last Mile Infrastructure and Services on Rail Ridership [pdf], by Benjamin Salter

Medellin, Colombia Report Cover

Factors Affecting the Accessibility and Appeal of the Public Bike Share System of Medellin, Colombia [pdf], by Andrea Arjona Amador

Seamless, Sustainable, Smart

Seamless, Sustainable, Smart: Reimagining Novato's Public Transportation Network [pdf], by Anthony Nachor

Memos and Megaprojects Memos and Mega Projects: Applying Planners' Perceptions of Their Software to a Framework for the Future of Planning, [pdf] by Richard L. Davis

Contamination to Cooperation Contamination to Cooperation: How Green Stormwater Infrastructure can Foster Collaboration in San Jose [pdf], by Carolyn Neer

Sunday Drivers, or Too Fast and Too Furious? Sunday Drivers, or Too Fast and Too Furious? Analyzing Speed, Rider Behaviour, and Traffic Conflicts of E-Scooter Share [pdf], by Juan Francisco Arellano, P.Eng.

Bicycle Access to the Oakland Waterfront Bicycle Access to the Oakland Waterfront: The High Street Connection to the San Francisco Bay Trail [pdf], by Sean Dougan

No Accident No Accident: How Population Characteristics and Land Use Influence Street Safety for Pedestrians in San Francisco, [pdf] by Mike Jacobson

Parking Spaces to Living Spaces

Hunters Point Shipyard

Filling the Gap

Walking and Cycling in San Francisco

Trail Access to Mount Umunhum-Geographic Information System

Visualizing Residual Spaces

Parking for San Joses Future Cover

Urban Planning Design Elements cover

Do Women Have Equal Opportunity to Influence Bicycle Planning Policy?

Diversity and Development in California Cities

Removing a Barrier to the Financing of Transit-Oriented Development

Skate and Engage: The Laguna Skategarden

URBP298 Tyree ReportCover

URBP298 Abel Report Cover

UBRP298 Schroeder Report Cover

UBRP298 Sherman Report Cover

URBP298 Doud Report Cover

URBP298 Fauria Report Cover

URBP298 Kim Report Cover

URBP298 Cheng Report Cover

URBP298 Irvin Report Cover

URBP298 Russel Report Cover