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Geography, BA

Geography majors complete a program of study that leads to a general geography degree and includes major electives that allow them to focus more specifically on a particular area of Geography. The program prepares students to understand the environment around us and interpret human and non-human patterns across the Earth's surface.

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Geographic Information Science (GIS), BS

A Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) designated program degree which can help students find work in urban planning, geovisualization, and resource management. These fields combine the utilization of technology and environmental science to map, research, and analyze the geography of the Earth.

Geography, Minor

This program is designed to enable students interested in the broader field of Geography to include that experience in their undergraduate programs.

Geographic Information Science (GIS), Minor

A professionally oriented program aimed at undergraduate students interested in incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS), cartography, and/or Remote Sensing into their programs.

Urban Studies, Minor

This minor is a professionally oriented program designed to familiarize students with the social, economic, political, and physical aspects of the major urban issues of our time and introduce students to the basic professional skills and strategies used to improve the urban environment.

Course Information and Student Resources

In this section you will find helpful information about our course offerings, including links to the current schedule of classes and syllabi from the most recent academic year, guidance for current students about the pathway to graduation, as well as information on the Geography Club.