Alan Leventhal

Alan Leventhal Emeritus Lecturer
MA, San Jose State University, 1993

Native American studies, ethnohistory, military history, tribal archaeology, mortuary practices, museum studies, social justice

Washington Square 103

Alan Leventhal is a trained archaeologist / ethnohistorian who has been teaching and involved in Indian Affairs over the past 32 years at San Jose State University.  Presently Alan works as an administrative staff/IT in the Office of the Dean, College of Social Sciences and is a volunteer lecturer in Anthropology Department. 

Alan’s research interest centers around the San Francisco Bay “shellmounds”, evolution of complex non-agricultural hunting-gathering societies, evidence of social stratification, stone tool technologies, experimental archaeology, skeletal biology, ancient DNA and stable isotope studies, contemporary Native American issues and Federal Recognition of California Indian Tribes.

Mr. Leventhal presently teaches sections of Anthropology 195/280 “Anthropology Practicum” which is offers a hands-on class in analysis of Bay Area archaeological sites and theoretical trends in California prehistory.