Graduating with a Minor

  1. Download the correct minor form. Save it to your computer and title it as your: (last name)_(first name)_(minor). For example, if your name is Diana Smith you will have a file saved as “smith_diana_minor”. You do not have to indicate which minor you are completing.

  2. Fill out the minor form, frequently saving your data. All the information you need to complete it is on the minor progress-to-degree tracker that you should be maintaining. Carefully complete the form, save it, and send it as an email attachment to The subject of your email should be the name of your minor form file (for example smith_diana_minor).  The department will only accept minor forms that are submitted in this way and incorrect or incomplete forms will be returned to students, possibly delaying their graduation.

  3. You will be notified by email when your minor form is approved. Please come by the Department of Anthropology office Clark Hall 469 and pick it up at the front desk during regular office hours. Keep in mind that the office may be closed at times to run errands on campus. Please call ahead to ensure someone will be in the office to help you at (408) 924-5710.Take the envelope to Window R in Student Services.

Minor Forms