A.J. Faas

AJ Faas Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Ph.D. University of South Florida, 2012

Applied anthropology, reciprocity and cooperation, disasters, development, violence, displacement and resettlement, social networks, policy practice


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A.J. Faas (PhD, Anthropology, University of South Florida) is Associate Professor of Anthropology at San José State University. His research interests center on disasters, environmental crises, and displacement and resettlement. In these contexts, his work focuses on social organization and economy at multiple levels of scale, postcolonial statecraft and practice, interventions of nongovernmental organizations, and the (re)production of subjectivities and memories. As a PhD student, Faas conducted research on adaptation to chronic hazards in Nahua villages in Mexico, and as a postdoctoral scholar (North Carolina State University) he studied inter-agency cooperation in response to large wildfires in the United States. Currently, Faas’s research program includes an ongoing, longitudinal study of disaster recovery and resettlement in the Ecuadorian highlands and research on the production of, response to, and recovery from the 2017 floods of downtown San José, California. Additionally, as a member of the Culture and Disasters Action Network (CADAN), Faas is currently working with a team of ethnographers to study the ways in which culture is imagined and operationalized by governmental and nongovernmental organizations party to the United Nations programs for disaster risk reduction. Faas is co-editor, with Eric C. Jones, of the edited volume, Social Network Analysis of Disaster Response, Recovery, and Adaptation; and co-editor, with Roberto E. Barrios, of the 2015 special issue of Human Organization on “The Applied Anthropology of Disasters.” He is the editor of the 2016 special issue of The Annals of Anthropological Practice on “Continuity and Change in the Applied Anthropology of Risk, Hazards, and Disaster” and the 2017 special issue of the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology on “Changing Practices of Andean Cooperation and Reciprocity in the Twenty-First Century.”

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