Engineering Technology Program Administration and Faculty


Dr. Fred BarezDr. Freidoon Barez
Department Chair
(408) 924-4298
IS 107
Research Interests: Space Exploration, Hybrid and Electric Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicle, Electronics Packaging, Vibration and Controls.

Dr. Samuel ObiDr. Samuel Obi
Professor and Technology Director
(408) 924-3218
IS 105
Research Interests: Manufacturing Processes, Planning and Control, Product Prototyping and Development, Technology Transfer, Ethics and the Technologist.
Courses: TECH 31, 140, 147

Dr. Ali M ZargarDr. Ali M. Zargar
Undergraduate Program Academic Advisor, Emeritus Faculty
(408) 924-3194 
IS 110
Courses: TECH 190AB, 198

Dr. Armin MoghadamDr. Armin Moghadam
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program Academic Advisor
(408) 924-3973
IS 104
Research Interests: Robotic Systems, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning.
Courses: TECH 30, 60, 175, 176, 241

Richard GrotegutRichard Grotegut
Lecturer, Undergraduate Program Academic Advisor
(408) 924-6597
IS 102 
Courses: TECH 65, 66, 173, 199A

Faculty TemplateBinbin Wang
Administrative Analyst 
IS 112

Faculty TemplateDebbie Martinez
Administrative Support Coordinator 
IS 111

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. David YanDr. David Yan
Associate Professor
(408) 924-3222 
IS 101
Research Interests: Hybrid Additive Manufacturing-Machining of Aerospace Alloys and Space Materials, Friction Stir Welding and Processing at Macro- and Micro-Scale, 3D Printing for Electronic Packaging and Interconnection.
Courses: TECH 25, 140, 190AB

Part-Time Lecturers

Dr. Wael AbdeljabbarDr. Wael Abdeljabbar
Courses: TECH 66, 68, 171

Dr. Dennis FrezzoDr. Dennis Frezzo
Courses: TECH 67, 170

Dr. Yeou-Song (Brian) LeeDr. Yeou-Song (Brian) Lee
Courses: TECH 230, 231, 233, 235

Dr. Yanika SchneiderDr. Yanika Schneider
Research Interest: Biomaterials for Tissue and Bone Repair, Anti-Microbial Coatings, Polymer-Based Concrete Materials, Recycling Processes, and Renewable Polymers
Courses: TECH 143

Dr. Nik TehraniDr. Nik Tehrani
Research Interest: Digital Health, Technology and Civilization, Product Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain.
Courses: TECH 45, 147, 190AB, 198, 200, 239

Dr. Balaji VenkatramanDr. Balaji Venkatraman
Courses: TECH 136, 171, 179

Faculty TemplateDr. Lin Zou
Courses: TECH 198

Dr. Mostafa MortezaieDr. Mostafa Mortezaie
IS 133C
Courses: TECH 60, 63

Sina AboutorabiSina Aboutorabi
Courses: TECH 165

Vlad IonescuVlad Ionescu
Research Interest: Automotive Industry, Manufacturing, Innovation, New Product Introduction, Program Management, and Managerial Accounting.
Courses: TECH 15, 45, 147, 149, 190AB, 199A

Rosa Chang JavadiRosa Chang Javadi
IS 133D
Courses: TECH 145, 190AB

Timothy LangstonTimothy Langston
Courses: TECH 146

Faculty TemplateChristopher March
IS 130
Courses: ME 41, TECH 41

Doug MuntzDoug Muntz
(408) 924-4372
IS 130
Courses: ME 41, TECH 41, 42, 46

Ossie RashelOssie Rashel
(408) 924-4124
ENG 245
Courses: TECH 165

Anthony RossettiAnthony Rossetti
IS 130
Courses: ME 41, TECH 41, 42, 46

William (Bill) SaichekWilliam (Bill) Saichek
Courses: TECH 67

Karim SulemanKarim Suleman
Courses: TECH 145

Helen SunHelen Sun
Courses: TECH 30

Ranjini VenkatramanRanjini Venkatraman
Courses: TECH 136

Robert WerkmanRobert Werkman
Courses: TECH 115

Faculty TemplateKidane Sengal
Courses: TECH 236, 251, 273

Faculty TemplateUsamah Hassan
Courses: TECH 179

Teaching Associates

Bao NguyenBao Nguyen
Teaching Associate
IS 133C
Courses: TECH 65, 170 Lab

George McIntyreGeorge McIntyre
Teaching Associate
IS 133C
Courses: TECH 67 Lab