BSA, Maintenance Management

The Maintenance Management option is a 2+2 program for students from community colleges. A community college student should be able to transfer almost all of their aviation maintenance courses and complete their BS degree requirements at SJSU in Maintenance Management.

Community College Courses

In order to complete this option, a student must complete one of the AS-level programs at a local or articulated community college, including but not limited to:

Specialized Requirement

Course Requirements:

4-Year Roadmap:

Articulation: SJSU Articulation

Specialized Courses

  • BUS5 141 - Procurement and Supply Management
  • ECON 1B - Principles of Economics: Microeconomics (D)
  • ISE 155 - Supply Chain Engineering
  • TECH 145 - Lean Manufacturing
  • Major Elective (1 unit)