MS in Engineering Technology

The MS in Engineering Technology (MSET) prepares student as a quality engineer and provides two specializations:

  • Applied Network Systems prepares students to work as a quality and network system manager.
  • Smart Manufacturing prepares students to work as a quality and manufacturing engineer.

Check the Program Requirement below for more information on the MSET program.


The mission of MS degree in Engineering Technology is to prepare students with advanced managerial, leadership, analytical, and business-based skill sets to improve how an organization functions. Engineering technologists gain the ability to contribute to an organization’s success by improving processes and systems, identifying and meeting customers’ needs, and assuring high-quality products and services through the application of engineering principles and proper analytical tools and technical skills.

The graduate of the MSET program works in various organizations, from global manufacturing corporations, government organizations, and industrial enterprises to small service-oriented businesses, such as healthcare systems, manufacturing operations, network and security systems, and educational institutions, and can benefit from implementing engineering technology principles and approaches.

Program Requirement

Course Requirements:

2-Year Roadmap Example Table:

Semester Core Course Specialized Area Course Other Courses Total Units
Fall TECH 200 TECH 231 or 241 Elective 1 9
Spring TECH 233 TECH 236 or 239 Elective 2 9
Fall TECH 230 TECH 273 or 235 Project/Thesis A 9
Spring   Project/Thesis B 3
Total 30

Specialized Area Courses

Applied Network Systems

  • TECH 231 - Systems Reliability and Maintainability
  • TECH 236 - Foundations in Quality Assurance for Software
  • TECH 273 - Computer and Network System Auditing

Smart Manufacturing

  • TECH 235 - Measurement Systems and Analysis
  • TECH 239 - Design Assurance in Product Development
  • TECH 241 - Application of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
  • TECH 244 - Selective Laser Melting Process
  • TECH 245 - Advanced Solid-State Welding/Joining Processes