BSA, Professional Flight

The Professional Flight option is designed for those students who wish to obtain basic and advanced pilot ratings with the overall goal of working as a professional pilot. These ratings are earned in conjunction with earning a Bachelor's degree in Aviation.

In this option, students acquire a strong foundation of the technical aspects of aviation in their coursework, while simultaneously earning FAA ratings through flight activities. All flight activities are conducted at affiliated FAA approved flight schools in the San José area.

Specialized Requirement

Course Requirements: SJSU Academic Catalog
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Articulation: SJSU Articulation

Specialized Courses

Students in the Professional Flight option are required to select an affiliated flight school and earn three FAA pilot ratings. The costs of flight training are not included in the tuition at SJSU.

  • AVIA 1 - Introduction to the Aviation Industry
  • AVIA 2 - Private Pilot Ground
  • AVIA 3 - Introduction to Private Pilot Part 141 Flight
  • AVIA 31 - Aircraft Theory and Design
  • AVIA 42 - Aircraft Systems
  • AVIA 43 - Propulsion Theory
  • AVIA 62 - Instrument Pilot Ground
  • AVIA 63 - Instrument Rating Part 141 Flight
  • AVIA 68 - Avionics and Airborne Communication
  • AVIA 73 - Air Traffic Control
  • AVIA 91 - Aircraft Turbine Engines
  • AVIA 110 - Aviation Meteorology
  • AVIA 112 - Commercial Pilot Ground
  • AVIA 113 - Commercial Professional Pilot Part 141 Flight
  • AVIA 193 - Aerodynamics
  • Major Elective 1 unit(s)