Transfer and Course Articulation

The list below cover only our nearest and frequent geographic community college partners. Institutions are changing their courses every year, so be sure to check the SJSU Articulation School-to-School for the latest and most accurate transfer and articulation information. SJSU has made agreements with most California Community Colleges to accept General Education and major courses.

If a course did not articulate over, please contact with SJSU Student ID and transcript information. Evaluators will do a deeper examination and let the student know the cause behind it. For more information, please visist SJSU ESSC Transfer Credit page.

Institutions that do not have articulation agreements with our programs and required substitution are invited to contact either the major academic advisors or department chair.

Transferable and Articulated Courses

For any other colleges, visit SJSU Articulation School-to-School link above for the specific colleges you prefer.